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Madden NFL 22 is a very reliable game. It is better than the previous Madden 21. Although the franchise model has been improved, I think there may be more! Madden 2 has made significant improvements to the gameplay, but I don't like the new home advantage and the return of X-Factors (Madden 22 X-Factors and Superstar)! In this post, I have listed the selection recommendations for the best player list in Madden 22 in the new season. Players can also build their ultimate team through the list guide here! My favorite is Ultimate Team mode!

Madden 22: Ultimate team player

In this recommended player list, I mainly list fast players, best offensive/defensive line players, best defensive line players, best linebackers, best tight ends, best defensive backs players, best QB players, best Wide receivers players, and best running backs players recommended list!



Madden 22: Best quarterback list recommendation

The team is always looking for a chartered quarterback who can persist and lead for many years. This importance extends to the gameplay of Madden 22. The quarterback would be the most considerable player on the offensive finish.  A great quarterback passes the ball to his skilled receivers and guards. A quarterback with high stats will not overthrow the receiver and will pass better under pressure. Within the previous decade, there has been a double-threat quarterback that will throw and run. A lot of your prime quarterbacks in Madden are double-threat players. They can crush unreasonably defensive opponents.


Here are the highest-rated quarterbacks in Madden 22.

Madden 22 best quarterbacks list
Player Team Rating
Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Chiefs 99 OVR
Tom Brady Tampa Bay Buccaneers 97 OVR
Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers 96 OVR
Russell Wilson Seattle Seahawks 94 OVR
Lamar Jackson Baltimore Ravens 91 OVR


Madden 22: Top 10 QB Players



Madden 22: Wide Receivers List Recommendation

A well-run Madden 22 offense requires an excellent receiver to play a big game. Even with a dominant running offense, a strong receiver will prevent the defender from simply running every time. Players in these technical positions need to be the fastest and most agile players on the court, defending defenders and performing acrobatic catches. Wide receivers are gorgeous playmakers who can punish defenses and make mediocre quarterbacks look good.


Below are the best wide receivers in Madden NFL 22 by rating.

Madden 22 best wide receivers list
Player Team Rating
Davante Adams Green Bay Packers 99 OVR
DeAndre Hopkins Arizona Cardinals 98 OVR
Tyreek Hill Kansas City Chiefs 98 OVR
Stefon Diggs Buffalo Bills 97 OVR
Julio Jones Tennessee Titans 95 OVR


Madden 22: Top 10 Wide Receivers



Madden 22: Best Running Backs List Recommendation

A fantastic running game opened up the offense. It relieves the pressure around the quarterback and forces the defense to make hard choices. A potent running attack at the target line can also be good. Even one yard is valuable. The NFL is complete with great running backs. They've speed, strength, and catching potential, making them an actual multi-level threat. Running backs are a crucial part of any efficient NFL offense.


Whether or not it is a speedy race, ultimate group, our franchise model, this will be the highest-rated running back in Madden 22.

Madden 22 best running backs list
Player Team Rating
Christian McCaffrey Carolina Panthers 97 OVR
Derrick Henry Tennessee Titans 96 OVR
Nick Chubb Cleveland Browns 96 OVR
Dalvin Cook Minnesota Vikings 95 OVR
Alvin Kamara New Orleans Saints 94 OVR


Madden 22: Top 10 running backs



Madden 22: Best Defensive Line Players List Recommendation

The defensive line has a number of the strongest players in football. These athletes will be the very first point of attack for the team's defense. They place stress on the quarterback and punish the running back. Modern defensive forwards need to have both overwhelming strength and excellent lateral speed. In real life and Madden NFL 22, a perfect defensive line can dominate the game.


Here are the best defensive wingers in Madden 22.

Madden 22 best running backs list
Player Team Rating
Aaron Donald Los Angeles Rams - RE 99 OVR
Myles Garrett Cleveland Browns - RE 98 OVR
Fletcher Cox Philadelphia Eagles - DT 94 OVR
J.J. Watt Arizona Cardinals - LE 94 OVR
Cameron Jordan New Orleans Saints - LE 93 OVR


Madden 22: Top 10 defensive line players



Madden 22: Best Offensive Line Players List Recommendation

Without his offensive line, the quarterback would accomplish nothing. A great offensive line in Madden NFL 22 will give you much more time to pass the ball.  This allowed the game to develop and led to second-level defensive failures. These big players blocked defensive forwards trying to deal with quarterbacks in the backcourt. This is why quarterbacks will buy gifts for offensive strikers at the end of the season.


The following are the best offensive linebackers in Madden 22 based on player ratings.

Madden 22 best offensive line players list
Player Team Rating
Zack Martin  Dallas Cowboys - RG 98 OVR
David Bakhtiari Green Bay Packers - LT 96 OVR
Quenton Nelson Indianapolis Colts - LG 95 OVR
Terron Armstead New Orleans Saints - LT 95 OVR
Trent Williams San Francisco 49ers - LT 94 OVR


Madden 20: Top 10 offensive line players



Madden 22: Best Defensive Line Backers Players List Recommendation

The linebacker can do anything on the football field. In Madden 22, the linebacker will lead the team's defense and prevent your opponent from leaning all day quickly to gain yards easily. These outstanding athletes can immediately repeal the quarterback in 1 game and quit the catcher who dared to cross the middle of your field in yet another game.  A good linebacker can consolidate defense. Any great defensive unit will have a full-professional linebacker to play a leading role.


Listed here are the most effective linebackers in Madden 22 by rating.

Madden 22 best defensive line players list
Player Team Rating
Khalil Mack  Chicago Bears - LOLB 96 OVR
Chandler Jones Arizona Cardinals - LOLB 96 OVR
Fred Warner San Francisco 49ers - MLB 96 OVR
T.J. Watt  Pittsburgh Steelers - LOLB 96 OVR
Lavonte David Tampa Bay Buccaneers - MLB 96 OVR


Madden 22: Top 10 best defensive line players list



Madden 22: Best Tight Ends List Recommendation

In modern NFL offense, the tight end is usually as productive as the wide receiver. In Madden NFL 22, the tight end is a potent threat to fast tilt. Defensive players in the midfield will find it challenging to deal with them when they lose, and the tight end can match the strength of the top linebacker.


Listed below are the best tight ends in Madden 22 by rating.

Madden 22 best tight ends list
Player Team Rating
Travis Kelce Kansas City Chiefs 99 OVR
George Kittle San Francisco 49ers 96 OVR
Darren Waller Las Vegas Raiders 93 OVR
Mark Andrews Baltimore Ravens 88 OVR
Hunter Henry New England Patriots 87 OVR


Madden 22: Top 10 best tight ends



Madden 22: Best Defensive Backs List Recommendation

Defensive backs face wide receivers in fierce and energetic battles in every game. A great second will slow down the receiver and prevent your opponent from throwing a deep ball at every instant. These players defend the team's backline. When a deep ball is thrown, or a player passes through a linebacker, the defensive back is the last line of defense.


Listed below are the best defensive backs in Madden NFL 22 by player rating.

Madden 22 best tight ends list
Player Team Rating
Jalen Ramsey Los Angeles Rams 99 OVR
Stephon Gilmore New England Patriots 97 OVR
Jaire Alexander Green Bay Packers 95 OVR
Tyrann Mathieu Kansas City Chiefs 95 OVR
Budda Baker Arizona Cardinals 93 OVR


Madden 22: Top 10 best defensive backs



Madden 22: Fast players List Recommendation

In football games, speed is the fatal factor. Therefore, having the fastest player is a necessary prerequisite for gaining dominance in Madden 22! Speed will be one of the critical conditions for winning the game.



Madden 22 fast players list
Player Team Rating Description
Tyreek Hill Kansas City Chiefs - WR 99 Speed Hill's electric playmaking has been on display because of his debut with Kansas City in 2016. Pairing him with Patrick Mahomes' giant arm is practically unfair, and also, the Chiefs take full benefit in the mismatches. Hill is regarded as one of the most excellent receivers within the NFL, and he could be even much better in Madden NFL 22, with his speed creating a mismatch against practically just about every opponent. 
Henry Ruggs III Las Vegas Raiders - WR 98 Speed Henry Ruggs III's inclusion at the best of this list is not surprising. The speedster, who enters his second year in Las Vegas, clocked an unbelievable 4.27 40-yard dash in the 2020 NFL Combine. The former first-round pick is amongst the NFL's quickest players and must be a ton of enjoyable to work within Madden NFL 22. 
Jaylen Waddle Miami Dolphins - WR 97 Speed Yet another former Alabama Crimson Tide wide receiver makes a list in 2021's sixth overall choice: Jaylen Waddle, currently one of several fastest players in Madden NFL 22. Waddle will bring a playmaking presence to Miami that the Dolphins haven't had since the team traded Jarvis Landry for the Cleveland Browns in 2018. Pairing Waddle with his former college quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa, ought to assist ease his transition for the NFL. 
Mecole Hardman Kansas City Chiefs - WR 97 Speed As if the Chiefs didn't have enough offensive firepower with Mahomes, Hill, and Travis Kelce, Mecole Hardman adds a different dimension for the NFL's most effective offense. The former Georgia Bulldog lines up all more than the location for Kansas City, like as a wide receiver, running back, and punt and kick returner, making his effect felt in two phases in the game.
Anthony Schwartz Cleveland Browns - WR 97 Speed A world-class sprinter, Schwartz could be the fastest player within the NFL regardless of playing a down. Schwartz held the under-18 planet record inside the one hundred meters and ran a four.25 40 yard dash, superior for the fastest time in the 2021 NFL Combine. Pairing him with Jarvis Landry, Odell Beckham Jr., and Donovan Peoples-Jones offers the Browns probably the most electric getting corps in Madden NFL 22.




All the above player lists are the player information I recommend for everyone. I hope this player list information can help you in the new season of Madden 22. In addition, the choice of players is essential, but Madden 22 coins are also important. After all, MUT coins can bring you to advance advantages and capabilities in many ways! Finally, I wish you a happy game in Madden 22!

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