Madden 22: How to quickly level up and easily earns mut coins?

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Madden 22 has been released. In the new season, Madden 22 has a comprehensive Madden Ultimate Team Mode (MUT Players Recommendation). The game allows XP to accumulate to your MUT level, allowing you to purchase packages and build your ideal team without spending any money. If you want to gain an advantage early in the season, upgrading your level and earn MUT coins quickly are necessary factors. In this post, we share a definitive guide on quickly increasing the MUT level and earn MUT Coins in Madden 22!


Madden 22: How to quickly level up and easily earns mut coins?


Madden 22: How to quickly improve the MUT level up?


The game follows the same premise as the early Madden NFL games. Unfortunately, you still don't have many ways to increase your level quickly.


Your level will reset back to 0 every season. Fortunately, in Madden 22, you only need to complete all the tasks you meet throughout the process to build a pretty good team. In any case, you can do the following:


Daily and Weekly Goals

Madden 22 Daily and Weekly Goals


Throughout the year, Madden 22 will have various daily and weekly goals. These will be slightly different from day to day and week to week. Here are some examples of these goals:

  • Win a game in any mode
  • Buy any package
  • Get 10 touchdowns


There may also be a quarterly season goal that will happen throughout the season. You can access these tasks in the following ways:

  • Step 1-Tap the task on the MUT main screen.
  • Step 2-Select the ultimate season to show the new missions of the day.



Madden 22: What are the rewards for each level?


Below are all current MUT awards announced for Madden NFL 22. The reward starts at level 2 and can be up to 50. You need to upgrade your account to access them for free. This is a very time-consuming method and can be very dull,


Note: There are rewards available for purchase at levels 5, 15, 25, 35, and 45. Some can be purchased with MUT 22 coins , while others need to be purchased with points.


The rewards for each level are as follows:


Madden 22 the rewards for each level list guide
Level Reward
Level 2 50 training
Level 3 10,000 coins
Level 4 1 70+ gold or better player
Level 5 1 season champion fantasy pack, 1 season collectible
Level 6 50 training
Level 7 1 common strategy item
Level 8 1 62-81 power up pass
Level 9 1 70 gold+ or better player
Level 10 1 86 overall NAT rookie premiere fantasy pack
Level 11 1 common strategy item
Level 12 10,000 coins
Level 13 1 gold team fantasy pack
Level 14 50 training
Level 15 1 season collectible
Level 16 1 uncommon strategy item
Level 17 1 pro fantasy pack
Level 18 10,000 coins
Level 19 1 62-81 power up pass
Level 20 1 elite pack
Level 21 100 trainng
Level 22 1 70 overall or better gold player
Level 23 1 common strategy item
Level 24 10,000 coins
Level 25 1 season collectible
Level 26 1 gold team fantasy pack
Level 27 1 uncommon strategy item
Level 28 1 82-84 overall power up pass
Level 29 10,000 coins
Level 30 1 rare strategy item
Level 31 100 training
Level 32 1 gridiron pack
Level 33 10,000 coins
Level 34 1 common strategy item
Level 35 1 season collectible
Level 36 1 pro fantasy pack
Level 37 1 82-84 overall power up pass
Level 38 10,000 coins
Level 39 1 gridiron pack
Level 40 1 89 overall NAT Ultimate Season Linval Joseph
Level 41 10,000 coins
Level 42 1 uncommon strategy item
Level 43 1 70+ gold or better player
Level 44 1 85-86 overall power up pass
Level 45 1 season collectible
Level 46 1 common strategy item
Level 47 1 gridiron pack
Level 48 1 87-88 overall power up pass
Level 49 10,000 coins
Level 50 1 91 overall NAT ultimate season George Kittle



The above content is all the information I can share in Madden 22 to improve the MUT level. Start the game if you already know and master the details of these quick level up and earning MUT coins! All game modes in the Madden 22 game provide you with XP, and you can also get different amounts of rewards, depending on your performance in the game.

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