Who benefits from EA Play Pro or Game Pass?

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Time: 2021-03-26 11:19:31
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Not only can you get the full game there, but you can also buy it in the store through a trial version and premium usage rights, the percentage of additional content, and (for many new EA games) the trial version and premium access rights. At the same time, other players first Must be patient. Of course, this sounds great-especially if you cancel your subscription after a month and only pay 15 euros to buy a new blockbuster. But what do you get from EA's two-tier subscription package? How much is this? For whom is the basic version worth it? Who benefits from EA Play Pro or Game Pass?
Here, Ezmut summarize all the vital information about EA's subscription service and explain who should take a look and who should stay away from it.


Who benefits from EA Play Pro or Game Pass?

EA Play Basic and Professional Edition-all information about subscription
EA Play corresponds to Origin Access or EA Access, while EA Play Pro is the earlier Origin Access Premier or EA Access Premier. With the new name, you will get roughly the same offer.
What are the prices of these two subscription versions?
The cost of EA Play is 3.99 Euros per month or 24.99 Euros per year.
EA Play Pro costs 14.99 Euros per month or 99.99 Euros per year.
The PC version of the game pass costs 9.99 Euros a month, while the flagship version is 12.99 Euros. Both include the basic version of EA Play.

How to unsubscribe?
You can cancel at any time. Just log in to Origin or use Origin.com and select EA Play in the navigation bar. Navigate below to Manage My Membership and then link to Cancel Membership.
You must cancel before the next debit time so that you can no longer be charged the next month or even the second year. Before the payment period expires, you can still fully use your subscription.
Similar to Xbox Game Pass. Log in to your Microsoft account in the store or browser and navigate to Game Pass or Manage under Subscriptions. Here you can change the payment method, deactivate recurring billing or terminate the subscription (including EA Play).

I want to adjust my subscription-how does it work?
If you don't want to cancel but change your membership, you can do it through Manage My Membership on Origin. You can change the payment plan and subscription type here. If you switch from EA Play Pro to EA Play, the new version will start on the next payment date. Conversely, if you jump to a higher subscription level, you can immediately get additional bonuses.

Who is valuable to EA Play's essential subscription?
Basic subscriptions are significant due to their diversity. In addition to EA blockbusters such as Mass Effect: Andromeda, Battlefield 1, or Jedi: Fallen Order, you will also find many smaller game orbs from EA, such as the cooperative adventure A Way Out or the atmospheric platform Game platform Fe. It also includes some non-EA games. Strategy skills such as Breakthrough and Frost Punk, or the unusual role-playing game Pyre made by the producer of Hades, are all part of it. The complete list can be found on EA.
If you want to spend a small amount of money to try many games and, most importantly, do not want to miss the EA championship, then using EA Play alone is your ideal choice. Compared with Game Pass, you have a good choice, saving 6 Euros per month. Or, you can use this subscription to try out new EA games. If in doubt, if the latest FIFA or Battlefield is not suitable for you, you can save money.
If you only subscribe for a month or two and then gamble diligently, then you can also catch up with earlier EA games at a discounted price. However, in the basic version, you must not have DLC and other additional content.

Who is worth buying the professional version of EA Play Pro?
The price of EA Play Pro is much higher, about 15 Euros per month. Therefore, if you want to play the current releases (such as FIFA 21 and Co.) and want to play them immediately when released, it is incredibly worthwhile. You can also start the game in advance and then directly transfer the progress to the game.
If you want to have a complete gaming experience, a subscription is also ideal because the deluxe version that includes (if any) DLC and other game content is part of the subscription. In addition to the extension of the true story, these contents can also be cosmetics.
Although games usually become much cheaper at some point, DLC usually remains at the total price or only slightly lower. If you can't live without specific extensions and don't want to buy them separately, then EA Play Pro may be particularly worthwhile here. Or, you want to get some good things in the game: for example, with FIFA 21, you can now get game skins for street games, as well as a lot of rewards and rewards from FUT.
Small Downer for all Sims lovers: Expensive expansion packs or cheaper add-ons for Sims 4 are not included in the subscription. Expert G'raldine doubts his strategy for the future of Sims. At EA, you can find an overview of the latest games and versions currently available exclusively on EA Play Pro. Over time, some previous professional games will be transferred to the regular playlist library.

What does the Steam version offer?
The basic version of EA Play is not only available through Origin but also available on Steam. In games including Jedi Knight: Fallen Order, you can buy the full version and subscription (with monthly or annual options) at the push of a button.
Note: Since not all EA games are available on Steam, the playlist library here is much smaller. Besides, other publications by other publishers are also missing. Even if more products are available in the future, if you want to stay in Valve's Store, you should only use the Steam version for now. However, you still have to start some games through Origin.

When should I get the game pass?
The price of the EA Pass game pass is 10 Euros per month instead of 4 Euros. It's best to take a closer look at the scope of the game and determine where you are most interested. With a Microsoft subscription, you can immediately release new products, such as Crusader Kings 3 or Flight Simulator.
Besides, the variation range also provides many top games, such as 18 excellent Bethesda games, such as Skyrim, Doom Eternal, or Fallout 4, part of the role-playing game Nier Automata or Yakuza. The EA Play games on the PC listed above are also included. However, there are a few things you must be aware of when linking them to a Microsoft subscription and using them here. If you play many games instead of specializing in a single series or genre, then here will provide you with a better service.

Can I use EA Play on all platforms?
In theory, EA Play is suitable for Steam, Origin, Playstation, and Xbox. But you are not allowed to switch back and forth. The subscription is only valid on the platform from which you withdrew the subscription. This means that you can only use the respective benefits on PC, Playstation, or Xbox. Note: There is still a difference between Steam and Origin on PC. You cannot simply switch between these two clients.
Game Pass has another critical difference: the regular version can already use EA Play on the PC for 10 Euros, but you must purchase Game Pass Ultimate on the console.

When is the subscription not suitable for me?
If you are not very interested in basic or advanced games, likely, the subscription will not be worth it. Especially if you can't do too much in shooting games or sports games, both versions of Triple-A are skinny.
RPG features such as Rage Age Inquisition or Mass Effect Andromeda will always be significantly reduced. If you only like to play small indie games, personal purchases or other subscriptions (such as Xbox Game Pass) may be more valuable, especially because EA Play is included and free.
Generally, if you don't have enough time or hobbies to play many games, you should avoid subscriptions. If you sometimes don't play games at all for a few weeks or months or don't play games, then if in doubt, it is cheaper to buy matches that interest you from time to time. Or, you only tried a few games for a month, canceled your subscription, and then purchased.

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