What does Madden NFL 22 need to do better than Madden 21?

Game: Madden 21
Time: 2021-03-23 09:32:26
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Madden 22 development takes a long time to complete correctly. Publishing a Madden 22 every year to provide half a year of support does not give developers enough time to make an excellent Madden 22. Unless they hire more developers and let the team solve future Madden problems ahead of time, Madden 22 will be wasted year after year. If they want to do it right, they need to cancel a fantastic year. Since everything you talk about in this video is feasible, it will only take a few years. They can't blame them on their fingertips and make them laugh out loud, but EA executives think.

What does Madden NFL 22 need to do better than Madden 21?

Madden NFL has too many patterns. They are more focused on developing new models instead of focusing on making them Madden's models and facing franchise rights, long shots, waste of resources. The same model as in NBA2k will not work in football. The face of Franchise is dull and will never become My Career like NBA2K. Stop wasting money on this and use it in franchise mode. To carry out scout development like in the NHL, let me send scouts from all over the country to find talents and bring back input, comparison, pros, and cons. The franchise now uses 200 scout points in the game and 200 scout points in the game. Why not provide CPUs to users of trade quotations like NHL? I'm not talking about putting a person on the block. Speaking of which, the price the CPU offers to the guy on the block is a joke. Cpu wants top players to win three or more first places,

I hope to see Madden 22 put down the yard, make it its own game outside of Madden 22, and allow the Madden team to focus on actually repairing the tournament. Give us back everything we have eliminated and make it better. It is impossible to be more beautiful than Madden 21 or any Madden 15 years ago. They need to stop being cute and focus on football. Madden 22 needs to focus on logic, coaching, Madden 22, football physics, not these Arcady-type patterns. . Make those individual Madden 22 and stop focusing any of Madden's resources on these things.

The face of the franchise needs a facelift.
When the Faces of Franchise model first appeared in Madden NFL 20, it was quite a creative addition. Similar to the NBA 2K franchise provided for some time, this model enables players to "live out" a budding prospect into the life of an NFL star. Yes, you can play the actual Madden 22 or play at least part of some Madden 22, but the focus is more on the movie. The second mode loses a lot of lusters. The story is not so good, and the novelty quickly disappears.
Consider that EA will try to adjust this mode, although it might be better to eliminate it. Even if it is better, fans will pay more attention to the other methods provided by Madden NFL 22. If Electronic Arts resumes sales for the third consecutive year, some improvements are needed, especially writing. One of the Madden 21 version's biggest complaints is that the story behind it seems to be both impractical and something that forces the player to take root in the protagonist. If EA is to resume this model, it needs to pay more attention to producing compelling stories.

Improve player actions
Everything can be traced back to Madden's argument that the lack of competition in the market leads to a lack of innovation. Electronic Arts said that accurate player data provided by next-generation statistics would drive player movement, although whether there are any significant improvements remains to be seen.

The ultimate team is still the focus.
No matter what developers and producers say, Ultimate Team is always their top priority. This model makes a lot of money, and it is difficult for publishers not to put all their eggs in that basket.
When you can sell a game that sells for $60 and earn billions of dollars through microtransactions, you will also eventually own the cake and eat it. Electronic Arts have promised to repair other models. Although it can fulfill these promises, don't expect the ultimate team to develop in the foreseeable future.

Generally, for the long-term motivation of Madden 22, these problems may not necessarily have to be solved even if they are helpful to players who may know almost nothing about the game. In essence, they may be learning tools for beginners, allowing them to enter the competition quickly. To get more Mut News and Guides, you can visit ezmut.com. Reminder: Get MUT Coins from this short article, and you will get a 5% coupon code for free at the sales representative.