Top 5 Tight Ends In Madden NFL 23

Game: Madden 23
Time: 2022-07-19 10:03:26
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Tight end is one of Madden NFL 23, with its most versatile offensive player, who must be able to block, run, and catch at an elite level to help their respective teams achieve their goals.

The Tight End Madden 23 ratings have been revealed, providing players with the entire list of players taking the gridiron at that position. The top five tight ends haven't changed much from last season, but there are some new additions in the back half of the ratings that should keep the position interesting throughout the 2022 season. For a full look at every tight end's rating in Madden 23, check out EA's website. In this article, let's see the top 5 tight ends in Madden 23.

1. Travis Kelce - 98 OVR

Once again, the Kansas City Chiefs Travis Kelce is the top-rated tight end as a 98 overall player. That leaves only a small margin for Kelce to get back into the 99 Club, where he started last year for the "Madden 22" game. Kelce is one year older, likely leading to his rating decreasing slightly. In addition, the potent Kansas City Chiefs' offense took a hit when Tyreek Hill was traded to Miami in the offseason. Kelce could either benefit or be hurt by the absence of Hill. While Kelce should see an uptick in targets this season, he could also be covered by better players now that defenses don't have to account for the speedy Hill.

2. George Kittle - 97 OVR

George Kittle is Kelce's biggest competition, one of his fellow Tight End University stalwarts. Kittle is the No. 2 tight end again this season and is now a 97 overall, up from 96 last year. However, Kittle has yet to eclipse Kelce as the top TE in the league, at least according to EA. Kelce's QB situation is certainly more favorable than Kittle's, who will see second-year QB Trey Lance take the helm in all likelihood. Still, Kittle seems to always find a way to put up top stats from his position. Do you want to take him into your Madden Ultimate Team? Please prepare some MUT 23 Coins in advance!

3. Mark Andrews - 93 OVR

The Baltimore Ravens' Mark Andrews comes in at 93 OVR, four points lower than Kittle. This comes after a season where Andrews amassed close to 1,400 yards and nine touchdowns. It remains to be seen if Andrews can replicate that type of performance, but it seems EA is banking on the tight end declining in terms of production.

4. Darren Waller - 91 OVR

There are plenty of other great players at the position. That includes Darren Waller, a popular choice in Madden, thanks to being an absolute speed demon. The Oakland Raiders' Darren Waller could be in for one of the best statistical seasons out of any tight end. While the Raiders did go out and trade for Davante Adams, this could leave Waller open far more than he was last season. Defenses will have to pay more attention to Adams, likely benefiting Waller greatly.

5. T.J. Hockenson - 89 OVR

While the Detroit Lions wide receivers did not rate well in Madden 23, T.J. Hockenson received one of the top ratings for tight ends. He received an 89 overall rating, which ranks fifth among all tight ends. The 25-year-old tight end is entering his fourth season in the league. Expectations have arisen regarding what he can accomplish in new offensive coordinator Ben Johnson's offense. If Hockenson can perform as he did at the start of 2021, he could see a bump to 90 OVR.

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