Top 3 Offensive Playbooks In Madden 23

Game: Madden 23
Time: 2022-11-14 08:53:26
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In Madden 23, whether you're playing Franchise, or the Ultimate Team, picking a playbook is one of the most important choices to affect your in-game performance. Finding a playbook that caters to your preferred playstyle will help you run your offense exactly how you prefer. Now some offense playbooks were stood apart as the game's best to unravel teams across various game modes. So in this article, let's look at the best offensive playbooks in Madden 23 for each playstyle.

Best Passing Playbook: Kansas City Chiefs

What sounds better than decimating your opposition's secondary with a barrage of passing plays? If this is the playstyle you're seeking within Madden 23, then you will want to check out the Kansas City Chiefs.

This playbook is easily the best choice for running an air raid offense. There are a plethora of packages out of the Shotgun formation to fill all of your passing needs. Apart from the traditional Singleback and Shotgun, the Chiefs use an I-Form, Strong I, Weak I, and a bunch Pistol formation. These extra options give you more room for creativity and make it easier to switch to a balanced offense when necessary.

Best Running Playbook: Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore takes the best running playbook in Madden 23 because of Lamar Jackson. Jackson's ability to run effectively with the ball sets him apart from nearly every other quarterback in the league and places him among the best ball carriers, regardless of position.

The playbook is set up to take advantage of both Jackson's ability and the offensive line personnel to open up gaps for the ball carrier to gain chunks of yardage. There are many option plays for Jackson to run ?C like Tr Option Strong ?C and as the best runner on the team, it makes sense to use the various option plays liberally. With the power of the line, halfback runs are also more likely to gain than lose yards. In addition, it also features a ton of great passing plays, such as TE slants and Play Action passes, so you can always mix it up if needed.

Best Balanced Playbook: New England Patriots


New England Patriots take the title for most balanced offensive playbook, thanks partly to the offensive personnel. With second-year quarterback Mac Jones at quarterback, New England relies on a package of quick throws, play-action passes, and designed runs to operate its offense. New England's Madden 23 playbook features sets like Trips TE and Gun Bunch, which hold some of the best offensive plays in the game. These sets use every skill player on the field and feature various plays from both a rushing and passing perspective.

This playbook doesn't do anything amazing in passing or running the ball, but it offers a wide array of plays that'll get the job done when it matters most.

And that does it for our list of the best offensive playbooks in Madden 23. If you want to read more Madden content, check out our guides here.