The greatest NFL Photos of the history Part 2

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The salary cap is still unknown. As the country enters the second year of the pandemic, the football business develops in unusual ways. In about two weeks, the 2021 NFL League Year will begin. It will not function as usual, but after the outbreak of the coronavirus at this time last year, the league will, of course, become more accustomed to some health and safety protocols that will remain unchanged at the beginning of this offseason. Moreover, because the entire 2020 season can be completed amazingly, the scouts and assessments for the upcoming free agent category are the same as before. The way to recruit qualified players this spring is significantly different from before. Here Ezmut shares some memorable moments in NFL history.

Lynn Swann

Super Bowl X, January 18, 1976, | Steelers WR Lynn Swann performed acrobatic fishing on Cowboys guard Mark Washington. Swann became the first recipient to win Super Bowl MVP honors after scoring four passes for 161 yards and touchdowns in a 21-17 Pittsburgh victory.

Joe Namath

Bill, December 8, 1974, at Jets | New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath listens on the sidelines during the chaotic New York Jets-Buffalo Bills game. The Jets will win 20-10 after Namath's 131 yards and two pass touchdowns.

Dick Butkus

On September 28, 1969, St. Louis|Chicago Bears center back Dick Butkus made his own move in the game against the Cardinals. . Butkus was named the NEA NFL Defensive Player of the Year the end of the 1969 season.

Brandon Day

NAIA College Rugby Championship, December 19, 2007, | Carroll College defender Brandon Day got into a quagmire after defeating Sioux Falls 17-9 at Carroll College to win the NAIA College Rugby Championship. Since 2002, Carroll Academy has won six NAIA championships, including one in 2010.

Alan Ameche

NFL Championship Game, December 28, 1958, | Baltimore Colts guard Alan Ameche farms on New York Giants defensive guard Jim Patton to fight for the 1958 National Football League Winning an overtime victory in the championship game overtime is also known. As "the greatest game ever."

Jim Brown

Cleveland, November 29, 1964, | Browns guard Jim Brown paved the way for Philadelphia's defense during the 1964 season.

Randy Moss

Vikings vs. Stillers, December 22, 2001 | Vikings receiver Randy Moss (Randy Moss) in Minnesota’s 21-16 loss to Pittsburgh in the fourth quarter easy to complete the game with 62 yards.

Vince Young

Rose Bowl, January 4, 2006, | After the Longhorns beat USC 41-38 to win the national championship, Texas QB Vince Young celebrated. Young threw for 267 yards and ran another 200 yards, including winning touchdowns.

Roger Staubach

Annapolis, November 9, 1963, | Navy quarterback Roger Staubach showed his joy during the Navy's victory over Maryland.

Virginia Tech vs. Boston

The greatest NFL Photos of the history Part 2

Blacksburg, Virginia, November 26, 1999, | Lane Stadium was beautiful during a football match between Virginia Tech’s Hokies and Boston College Eagles in late November.

San Tonio Holmes

Super Bowl XLIII, February 1, 2009, | Steelers WR Santonio Holmes' jump touchdown battle with 42 seconds left, Pittsburgh defeated the Arizona Cardinals 27-23.

Randy McMichael

The Saints at the Dolphinarium, August 15, 2002, | Dolphins' close-end striker Randy McMichael in Saints guard Michael Hawthorne (left) and Mel Mi On top of Mel Mitchell scoring in the preseason. The rookie started all 16 games in the tight end quarter and grabbed 39 passes this season, 485 passes, and 4 TDs.

Maurice Stovall and DeMario Suggs

Notre Dame Cathedral on Michigan Street on September 21, 2002, | Notre Dame Cathedral wide receiver Maurice Stovall (Maurice Stovall) scored a touchdown on his 21-17 defeat of the Spartans.

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