The greatest NFL photos of the history Part 1

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The National Football League (NFL) is a professional football league composed of 32 teams, divided equally between the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC). NFL is one of the four major professional sports leagues in North America. Here EZMUT will share The greatest NFL photos of all time

Chuck Bednarik and Frank Gifford

On November 20, 1960, the Giants' Eagles | Philadelphia Eagles center back Chuck Bednarik arranged for the New York Giants to run to Frank Gifford at Yankee Stadium (Frank Gifford) Then celebrate. The attack forced Gifford to retire temporarily.

Dwight Clark

NFC Championship Game, January 10, 1982, | The reception of San Francisco 49ers' receiver Dwight Clark was called "catch the ball," which led to Joe Montana's With a 6-yard touchdown, the 49ers defeated the Dallas Cowboys 28-27. This victory will bring the 49ers into the Super Bowl, where they defeated the Bengals.

David Tyree and Rodney Harrison

Super Bowl XLII, February 3, 2008, | New York Giants receiver David Tyree (left) grabs the helmet, Rodney Harrison (right) tries to take him Fell to the ground. Tyree's catch played an essential role in the turnover of the New York Giants' undefeated Patriots 17-14 years ago.

Antwaan Randle El

January 5, 2003, AFC Wild Card Playoffs | Pittsburgh receiver Antwaan Randle El (Antwaan Randle El) turned his head, Cleveland Browns (Cleveland Browns) Chris Chris Akins (36 years old) was asked to cover his face. In the AFC wild-card elimination game held at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh on January 5, 2003, the Steelers defeated the Browns 36-33.

Bobby Martin

On September 24, 2005, Colonel White College's Belmont High School | 3-foot, 112-pound Bobby Martin (Bobby Martin) entered and kicked off the punt and was a backup guard for the Dayton Colonel White High School team. He was born without legs, and he could not wear prostheses because he did not have thighs attached to his body.

Joe Montana

The greatest NFL photos of the history Part 1

January 22, 1989, the 23rd Super Bowl | San Francisco 49ers quarterback Joe Montana against the Cincinnati Bengals in the final minutes of the 23rd Super Bowl Championship ), leading his team to the end. With 3:10 left in the game, Montana marched in the 49ers team 92 yards from the field and defeated the Bengals 20-16.

Vince Lombardi

Super Bowl II, January 14, 1968, | After defeating the Oakland Raiders 33-14, the Green Bay Packers took head coach Vince Lombardi off the court. This is the second consecutive Super Bowl championship for the Packers.

Joe Namath

Super Bowl III, January 10, 1969, | Jets QB Jos Namath, provided reporters with a guarantee: Inferior Jets will shock the 18-point favorite Baltimore. Broadway Joe won on the court and won the MVP honor with a 16-7 victory.

Billy Kilmer and Manny Fernandez

Super Bowl VII, January 14, 1973, | Dolphins defensive winger Manny Fernandez (75) chased the Redskins offensive winger in pursuit of quarterback Billy Kilmer (17). Fernandez will complete the game with 17 tackles as the Dolphins defeated the Redskins 14-7, becoming the first and last undefeated NFL team.

Reggie Bush

USC and UCLA, December 3, 2005, | Reggie Bush of USC running skipped UCLA guard Marcus Cassel and entered the end zone to make a touch To score. Bush's outstanding season won him the 2005 Heisman Trophy, but the award was later canceled due to Bush’s illegal gains during his tenure in the Trojans.

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