The Best Ways to Make Madden 21 Coins In 2021

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Sports games have always been a massive part of the gaming industry with games like FIFA, UFC, PES, NBA 2K and Madden all leading the way in this field. However, in the last decade,  there has been a clear shift in impetus in these titles. Players are no longer enthralled by story modes, season-long campaigns or partaking in minigames. Everyone who loves these titles is online playing with their pals and thanks to EA's grip on the market, one system plays a vital role in this multiplayer experience. The Madden Ultimate Team format.

This allows you to build a team of your favourite sports stars, manage formations, plays, take various tactical approaches to games and depending on the game you are playing, grab some icons of the sport to play in your dream team. It's a wonderful format which requires skill and cunning to get ahead. Sure, it's easy to build a decent team but to build the best team possible, you'll need a heap of coins.

MUT Coins are the currency within the economy of Ultimate team. These allow you to play exclusive modes, purchase players on the in-game market and also allow you to finish squad building challenges which grant special rewards. So with this in mind, we thought it would be best to show you how to gather coins quickly and efficiently so you can build the team of your dreams fast. So here is our guide on how to get coins fast in Madden 2021.

#1 – Break Out The Ol' Wallet

Ok, let's get the most obvious and simple option out of the way first. Through in-game microtransactions, you can purchase points which will allow you to buy packs from the store. These packs are filled with players and other cards that are worth money on the market and through this, you can make a tonne of coins. The only issue is that it's a real gamble. You never know if the packs you receive will translate to the real world cash value to put in. So we would say use this option sparingly and only use it as a last resort if all the options below aren't feasible.

#2 – Completing Challenges

MUT has changed down the years and only of the biggest shifts has been to a challenge system. This sets tasks for players to complete with varying degrees of difficulty, all offering rewards such as coins or items that have a high coin value. The great thing about this in the early stages of the game is that most if not all of MUT has changed down the years and only of the biggest shifts has been to a challenge system. This sets tasks for players to complete with varying degrees of difficulty, all offering rewards such as coins or items that have a high coin value. The great thing about this in the early stages of the game is that most if not all of the challenges are extremely simple. You'll get extra coins for simply playing games, maybe getting three touchdowns in one game. All the challenges in the early stages are a gold mine where you can rack up 30-40k coins just by playing naturally.
This doesn't last forever of course and the easy stuff does eventually fade away, leaving some tricky tasks. However, if youre a skilled player and a dedicated player, you'll have no issue working toward these milestones. Then once you achieve them, you'll get some of the finest rewards that the game has to offer. This is especially true when completing timed challenges that revolve around events, so look out for them and be sure to complete the goals before time runs out. If you do, you'll be swimming in coins.

#3 – Wheeling and Dealing
Next up, we have a coin making method for all you budding entrepreneurs out there. Thanks to this games online marketplace, you can auction off players and buy players from others, meaning that if your savvy enough, you can make a healthy profit through simply trading players and items. To do this we have three key tactics that you can use to be one step ahead of your rivals.

The Best Ways to Make Madden 21 Coins In 2021

Sniping – This tactic is the Madden equivalent of the fastest finger on the buzzer. Basically, all you have to do is select a player that you want to snipe. So in this instance, let's choose Cam Newton. Cam's card sells in the region of 60k coins, but for this method to be an effective moneymaker, you'll have to nab him at a lower price. To do this, you'll bring the max buy now filter down until there is just a handful of options and then work quickly to grab any cards on the market at that price. Then once you get one, simply list it at the usual price and make a healthy profit for your efforts.

Reading the market – At different times during the season, certain players and items will become more popular amongst the player base. Meaning that if you can ride this trend, you can become very rich indeed. The best way to do this is by following the real-world matches every week, looking at the big games and trying to read what players will be needed for certain challenges. So if you find the most integral players of each team and buy in bulk, you might just be able to sell on the market for double or triple what you paid.

Play Favourites – Then lastly, a great option is to buy some of the most iconic cheap players in the game and sell them for a profit. Madden players who are new to the game will want to buy their favourite players and stick them in their respective teams. So for that reason, you should buy as many as you can for a bargain price and then list them slightly over the usual price. Then because these players are new to the game, flush with easy challenge coin revenue and want their favourite player at all costs, you'll likely sell your whole batch. It's all about the players you choose but if you get it right, it can be quite a lucrative activity.

#4 – Don't Ignore The CPU

While this mode is made with online matches and multiplayer gaming in mind, the single-player aspect of this mode is rather fleshed out too. Plus, more importantly, it offers a wide range of rewards and coin making opportunities almost equal to the PvP counterpart. Through playing against the AI, you are able to complete challenges easier, you'll gain access to a whole new pool of challenges based purely on single-player games. Plus, the games are much more predictable so you'll win more games, meaning more coins at the end of matches. So in short, don't sleep on single player.

So that's our rundown on the best ways to make Mut 21 coins in Madden 21. What do you think of this list? Do you use any of these techniques to make bank in Madden 21? Are there any tips and tricks that we missed out? Let us know in the comments section below and thank you for reading Cruel Fan.

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