The Best Most Feared Cards In Madden 23 Ultimate Team

Game: Madden 23
Time: 2022-11-02 08:30:11
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The Most Feared set in Madden 23 Ultimate Team is one of the most popular sets in the game, but there are a few cards worth targeting. We will review the best Most Feared cards, giving you a few options to add to your MUT 23 lineup.

Davante Adams (WR) - 92 OVR

Of all the cards available, the 92 OVR Davante Adams is one of if not the best cards in the Most Feared Madden 23 Ultimate Team set. Hit abilities alone separate him from the rest.

Derrick Henry (HB) - 92 OVR

Each year in Madden 23 Ultimate Team, Derrick Henry gets a card that accurately reflects what he does in the NFL. The 92 OVR Most Feared card is exactly what you need to boost your MUT 23 team and have the ability to control the clock by running the ball. This card is easily one of the best in the Most Feared set and one you need to have in your lineup.

Tyreek Hill (WR) - 92 OVR

The Cheetah is back in Madden 23 Ultimate Team, and if you pair him with Davante Adams, you'll have a nearly unstoppable receiving corps. This card has 93 speed, so you'll easily run past your opponents, and it's a great card to use on kickoff returns and punt returns too.

Jalen Ramsey (CB) - 92 OVR

Do you have a hard time stopping your opponent from scoring points in Madden 23 Ultimate Team? Head to Auctions and grab the 92 OVR Jalen Ramsey. This card is incredible; you'll lock down your opponent easily with 92 Man Coverage and 91 Zone Coverage. This card is breaking the MUT 23 Auctions right now, so hurry up and add it before it gets too costly.

Kyler Murray (QB) - 90 OVR

You'll need a strong quarterback to go along with your new wide receivers, and Kyler Murray is the one we'd choose for now. Murray's ability to leave the pocket is why we'd add him to our MUT 23 lineup, and he also has 90 Throw Power, which definitely helps.