Some Things Players Want To See In Madden 24

Game: Madden 23
Time: 2023-02-16 00:31:30
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The Madden NFL 24 game is expected to be released in mid-August 2023. Despite being several months away, players can't wait to see what EA has in store for Madden 24 this year! Based on previous installments, here are some general features and improvements that fans might want to see in the next Madden game:

MUT Revamp

EA already has a winning formula when it comes to Ultimate Team mode, with their FIFA franchise leading the way. But the content within MUT also needs updating, with irregular releases with little to no information available on its details frustrating for fans. EA can do more with the boosted items, just as they have done in FIFA 23. Also, social pages are much more active, which contributes to the playing experience in MUT.

Improved Physics Engine

In what is a pretty common complaint each year, the Madden 24 physics engine will still require a few more tweaks to really represent the kind of action we see on the field in the real world. This includes more realistic player behavior and decision-making on both offense and defense. In addition, they also want the game to feel more immersive with improved weather effects and stadium atmosphere.

Improved Franchise Mode

In this field, NBA 2K's MyCareer is the leading mode, with its immersive cinematic gaming experience leaving it clear as number one. So players want to see exciting storylines and develop the immersive feel of their story modes in Madden 24. In addition, fans want to see more improvements, including more depth, customization, and better management tools. 

Cross-platform Play

Cross-platform play is a highly requested feature in most games, and it is becoming more common to be able to play with players on different platforms. Many players would like to see it implemented in Madden 24, allowing them to play with their friends on other platforms. It would allow for a larger, more healthy player base, and you can finally stomp that one friend who only plays by themself on Xbox.

More Modes and Improved Commentary

Some players have requested that Madden 24 should have more modes, such as a co-op mode, a 2 vs 2 mode, or a story mode. And fans want to see an improvement in the game's commentary, with more varied and realistic commentary and less repetition.

These are just a few features and improvements fans might want to see in Madden 24. Will EA go all in on creating compelling these? We don't know, but hopefully, EA Sports will consider these suggestions and create a game that lives up to the fans' expectations.