NPD US October game sales list announced: Madden NFL 21 firmly ranked second

Game: Madden 21
Time: 2020-11-17 20:55:14
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According to a report released by the NPD market research company, in October this year, American consumers' spending on electronic games (including hardware, software, and accessories) reached US$3.8 billion. And NPD also announced the ten best-selling games in the United States in October. FIFA 21 topped the US sales chart for the first time, and it was also the October PS and Xbox dual-platform sales champion. Madden NFL 21 firmly ranked second.


NPD US October game sales list announced: Madden NFL 21 firmly ranked second

According to the report, game spending from 2020 to date (as of October 31) is $37.5 billion, an increase of 20% compared to the same period last year. With the release of the next-generation consoles Xbox Series X/S and PS5, it is believed that consumption in the US game market will reach a new high.

"Watchdogs: Legion," released on October 29th, successfully made it into the Top 10 and ranked third. Considering that the actual statistical time in October is only 3 days for "Watchdogs," so "Watchdogs: Legion" "Climbing to third is already amazing.

Top 10: (Including digital and physical version sales, but not every company will provide digital version sales, such as Nintendo does not share the sales of the digital version of first-party games, and Activision Blizzard does not provide Blizzard sales, Take-Two doesn't always share digital sales)

10. Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time
I have been playing it for a while; thankfully, this is my favorite game. The game adopts the iconic hallway style level that collapses and expands on it. The days of jumping on the platform to switch between side-scrolling and hallway running have passed, everything feels connected, and when finished, It's so satisfying; the story here is excellent, n.trophy is the main villain, and Cortex has taken more measures (at least from what I can see), visiting N.Brio and N.Gin is excellent. Although it is nice to see N.gin back, N.brio looks perfect in this game (his boss's battle is also chilly). The costumes are also great. Although most of them are original, some are cool references, such as locomotive crashes or retro crashes. The boss fights, my goodness, the boss fights. These battles are new content in the crash series. Although N. Brio's argument is almost a one-on-one copy of his action in the first crash, he still feels fresh and excited. So far, N.Gin is my favorite boss. He let this giant metal robot play a rock version of his battle music in the fourth crash while beating the music to the song's rhythm. It's so cute, and I'm glad that this is not only all the old bosses, such as the fish in the pirate world! After the Brio battle, you can also unlock the "reverse" mode, which can be used as a filter and head for different worlds to replay. In short, I think this is the best crash game. Everything went very smoothly, and it was pure fun! Toys For Bob has done it; please play this game.

9. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
This is my favorite Call of Duty. I know someone likes BO2 the most, but I want it the most. I hope there will be more content when it is released, but they are adding useful content. The sound is also impressive. The footsteps may be quieter, but overall, the sound system is excellent. I think this is one of the best Call of Duty events to date, mostly because Black Ops 4 has no momentum. It was great to see Captain Price again. It's also cool when switching between playing roles. The movement could have expanded even more, but I did. By far, one of the most remarkable things about games is the graphics. When the cutscenes happen, it's like watching a movie. The fun and Resident Evil 2 have some of the best photos of 2019. Multiplayer games lack something, but they are still perfect. I hope there are more snipers and shotguns. The choice of guns is right. I also want them to balance their weapons better. It feels that people only use SMG, assault rifles, and sniper rifles. The shotgun may be improved. They are disgusted with the 725 shotgun, but I still think it is too powerful. The sharpshooter rifle is pretty good. The pattern is excellent. I like team deathmatches and shootouts. I think my favorite methods are "confirm the kill" and "fight." It would be cool if they had a one-on-one shootout. I think they did a great job on the "gunfight" map.
Some maps may be more balanced, but it doesn't matter. I hope again that there will be more maps when released, but some of them have been added in the first season. The shooting house map is a great idea to put into the game. This is a smaller map, well balanced. The special operation is fun. This is not easy. I like how they add the story to the story without taking 20 minutes to complete, just like some games. The only annoying thing is that you will probably die within five minutes if you encounter a terrible teammate. Classic Ops is also cool. They also added the model. That is my comment on "Modern Warfare." If you like other "Modern Warfare," I suggest you get "Call of Duty."

8. Star Wars: Squadrons
First of all, I would say that they fulfilled their promised game. There are some minor bugs, just like any cross-platform game at launch, but no behavior disrupts the game. This is an entirely immersive VR game. You can choose not usually to play in VR. The story is short, about 14 missions were performed, but it was very challenging. I like complicated mechanisms. It took me about an hour to correctly set the flight to where I wanted it, but it made a lot of sense once it was done. It's just the sound design, and the feeling of transferring energy to different subsystems during flight can cause severe white flying. You can feel the speed, and the drift button will become your best friend when performing crazy moves. As a fan of Star Wars, he consumed everything in books, cartoons, movies, and games, and it was great to see and hear certain people from all aspects of Canon. Don't forget that the game is reasonably priced at $40, and you will get quality content at a low price. They did not promise some tremendous single-player epic stories. In the Star Wars universe, this is 5v5 tenacious fighting fun. If you want this to be easy, such as a surprise attack by two-star fighters on the front line, then you will have the wrong time. The graphics are great, but since speed and first-person are your only options, you need to make some adjustments at first, but once you get used to the changes, you can quickly grasp it. Mechanics is something I have never experienced before. It is a breath of fresh air, so this is an ancient game world. This is a game, the more time you record, the better the effect you will get.

7. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (without digital version)
Phenomenon work, Nintendo! A great new game with great graphics, you can have everything on your own desolate Island Getaway! One to two weeks after the game was released on Easter, I got round, so I got hooked on it.
Here are some things I like about this game:
1: Amazing graphics! The graphics are excellent, and the animation continues to surprise me.
2: Playability! This is a free-roaming game. Although you have to follow some steps to make sure that you can shoot yourself at the beginning of the game, this is more than just following the rules. The controls work exceptionally well, and the story also plays when you play the game.
3: Character design! The fact that you can design and name characters is incredible. You can choose your style, hoping that people will recognize you. They will not force you to wear this. It is your entire decision.
4: You can play with your friends! When I post this news, the whole world is experiencing problems, so this game helps! Your friends can join your island or join there! When you visit others, you don't feel like an island!
I highly recommend this game, especially for young people, but it is suitable for children andple of all ages!

6. Super Mario: 3D All-Star (without digital version)
This is a great game (these are great games). I never have the opportunity to play these games on its original console; now I don't have to do it. I can play them on the Switch and go wherever I want. I plan to complete all these games 100%, and I have completed half of them in terms of Mario 64. It is excellent and fascinating. I don't understand why people complain about this. Of course, they are a bit lazy without making Mario 64 widescreen, but who cares? This is an official port of the game. If there is no improvement (from what I have heard), you will not have it. I understand that people can simulate the game for free on widescreen. However, if you don't modify it, you can't operate it on the Switch, and the Switch is an excellent place to play these games now. For such an influential and exciting game, the cost of $60 is worth it. It would be great if they included Galaxy 2 in the series, but they didn't. I have no complaints. I once played that game, and it became a hit. If I hadn't come to Switch, I might have never had these three games. In terms of appearance, they are made (slightly) better than the original. They have better control. I heard that if you play the original "Sunshine" and have muscle memory due to its power, it is not intuitive to adapt to the new sensations. This will not bother me, but there may be people. However, I think it is worth playing on Switch. Similarly, running great games on great systems, Nintendo is a bit lazy, but we can run games on Switch.

5. Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit
I recently got this game. It's legendary. The picture of Mario driving the go-kart is fantastic. Likewise, it is fun when you go past a dog or kitten while playing. The game quickly becomes one of the best Mario Kart games in the franchise. Skins are also great for interacting with people. When you equip a particular skin, the character will change! !! The game is worth buying and getting 1000/10. My only problem with this game is that it's easy to fall off the track if you don't have dexterous control. I have a small question. But I recommend that you get this game.

4. NHL 21
The multiplayer mode focuses on the professional method every year, while the back row mode is in the back seat. This year is different. They make the way to become a professional model more enjoyable.
I think I have some fun. If you are a multiplayer gamer, you might think the update is thin, but people in the single-player career mode are rejoicing for a little love. The broadcast position between the commentator and the game gives character characteristics.
AI feels better overall... still needs some adjustments, but it has gotten better. Skating is also smoother than last year. Again, some adjustments are yet required, but better.
I like this year's competition. If anyone on the EA NHL team is reading, if you can get regional commentators and broadcast celebrities, I will pay 100% extra. This will bring an extra personal touch to the game. For example, I want to go to Boston and get a performance by Jack Edwards (including prejudice) and a Felger & Mazz broadcast discussion between the two games. Or, if you are traded, you will get commentators in the new region. If you want to reduce the size of the game, it's easier said than done.

3. Watch Dogs: Legion
Watchdog: Legion is fun and unique! After 7 hours of playing, I can say that the game is definitely worth $60!
So far, I like this story. Fortunately, it did not work as hard as Watch Dogs 1 & 2.
London is detailed and exciting. Ubisoft has created damn good things shortly.
My favorite part so far is the idea of 'building resistance and recruiting anyone. Every NPC I recruit has an exciting background story and exciting tasks. No tasks are precisely the same, but some are the same.
The graphics are awe-inspiring, and the visual effects are stunning.
The sound proxy quality of the NPCs I met is also excellent, but the facial animations may be better.
I also love nasty guys, zero-day. When I saw him for the first time in the story trailer, I thought, yes! looks great! "My expectations were exceeded.
The gameplay hasn't changed much, I like it in Watch Dogs 2, and I like it in Legion.
With the arrival of more DLC and multiplayer games, the "Watchdog Army" will be a strong start for the next generation of Ubisoft Games (don't get me wrong, it is already!)!
My Xbox One X sometimes overheats, but compared to the fun I have playing in London, it's nothing!
Verdict: 10/10.
"Watch Dogs: Legion" is fun and unique, with innovative entertainment concepts, an incredible open world, a good story, and excellent gameplay, making the game the best contender of the year and the best of 2020. One of the games and is the highlight game of the open world.

2. Madden NFL 21
Another season of Madden 21 has begun, and I can't be happy anymore. The gameplay looks great, and the reviews don't always match what's happening, but I'm sure they will be patches to solve the problem. It would be nice to be able to hire the next generation of fire assistant coaches. I like the way that ratings seem to be more critical, and superstars play like this. It's great to be able to spend no money on mut and still enjoy it.

1. FIFA 21
I will write this review on October 9th (FIFA 21 release day). Let me first say that this game seems to be better than last year. The defense is not in place. The players are much smarter than they suggest. The attacker is running on his own without having to press the button all the time. I like it. I like the features they added to career mode, although I still think there should be more features. For many years, people have been proposing to use the kit creator, stadium creator, and other functions, and more features to give you more control and more realism. I'm pretty sure that situations such as sponsor licensing or similar things may become financial obstacles, but I'm pretty sure that so far, we all know that EA has made a lot of money from FIFA sales and Ultimate Team. I hope to see these features in the next few years, but as of today, I want to say that FIFA 21 proves that it is worth the money and maybe interesting.