New Upcoming Changes To Madden 23 Ultimate Team

Game: Madden 23
Time: 2022-08-08 06:29:22
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Madden Ultimate Team, affectionately known as MUT to its players, puts together some of the most fun and addictive features of video gaming and football. You can open packs of items to enhance your lineup, sell in an auction environment, trade with your friends, or even put in collections for more players, packs, or madden 23 mut coins to build a winning team. With Madden Ultimate Team, the football season never ends.

With a new season of Madden Ultimate Team on the horizon, one of the most popular questions from returning players is "What's different in MUT this year?". So this article aims to answer that question and will be updated frequently until Madden 23's launch as more information is revealed.

Power-Ups and Elite Players

Power-Ups in Madden Ultimate Team 23 will be far less frequent and mostly reserved for the Legends program and other special programs this year. However, many of the perks that Power-Ups provide can now be found directly on "most elites". Check out some of the key changes below:

    Lower OVR Elite Players will have ability buckets that align with their archetype.
    Higher OVR Elite Players will have custom ability buckets and feature discounted AP abilities and/or abilities from other archetypes.
    Most Elites will have the ability to swap team chemistry
    Most Elites will be able to get their secondary positions when applicable
    Power-Up design will exist in certain programs

MUT Master

There will no longer be a MUT Master (Ultimate Champion in 22) in MUT 23. Instead, each season of MUT 23 will have its own featured player rewards that can be earned by completing objectives, similar to how you would upgrade the MUT Master in previous years. There will also be a new featured player reward available every two weeks for winning head-to-head games.

Field Pass

Passes are reward structures that allow you to earn items as you gain more XP and/or complete objectives. There will be 3 different types of Field Passes in Madden Ultimate Team 23, all of which are FREE.

    Season Field Pass - Each season in Madden Ultimate Team will come with a new Field Pass, offering new rewards such as Mut 23 Coins, XP, Players, and Packs. Five players will be available to earn in Season 1.
    Head to Head Field Pass - If you're an H2H player, then you're in luck. MUT 23 will include a Field Pass with player rewards for engaging with head-to-head game modes. A new featured player will be available every 2 weeks with this Field Pass.
    Program Field Pass - Major programs in MUT 23 will come with their own unique Field Pass with additional rewards. See the image below for an example of the Headliners Field Pass Rewards:

X-Factors and Abilities

A few smaller but welcomed changes coming to MUT 23 are the reduced Training cost of both X-Factors and Tier 1 abilities. In MUT 22, an X-Factor cost 500 Training Points to equip. In the earliest stages of the game, 500 TP can be a lot. This year, X-Factors will only cost 100 TP to equip and all Tier 1 abilities will cost 0 TP! All Tier 1 abilities in M23 will also only account for 1 Ability Point against your allotted total (with some exceptions for offensive linemen).

Baked-On Abilities

If you played MUT 22, you probably earned a player item with a baked-on X-Factor or abilities that you wanted to use but couldn't due to the fact that you could not disable individual abilities. For example, if you wanted to add Acrobat to the latest cornerback released but he already had less de more customization and control over your lineup. A player item will no longer be unusable just because it comes with an ability you do not want to use!

Which changes are you most excited about this year in Madden 23 Ultimate Team? Please let us know in the comments section.