MUT Coins Trading Guide: How do Madden 21 Coins sniper and flip work?

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In Madden 21, you can use different trading strategies to earn many MUT 21 coins and Points. However, some are more complicated and dangerous than others. Besides, some methods require financial buffers and basic knowledge. In the following, we will introduce you to all the trading strategies in Madden 21 and tell you how they work.


MUT Coins Trading Guide: How do Madden 21 Coins sniper and flip work?

Decide for yourself what is the best trading method for you:

High price sale

MUT transaction: High price sale Description
Knowledge: low No knowledge required
Work hard: medium About 1-2 hours at the beginning, about 1 minute every hour thereafter
Budget: low Any budget is possible
Risk: medium When the purchase price drops
Profit medium unpredictable


How do high-priced sales work in Madden 21?
Overpriced (OSR) in Madden 21 works as follows: You buy players at market value to subsequently sell them at a higher price (+10% to +30%). Overpriced sales are significant because not every buyer is always looking for the lowest price. If your business card appears in the search, there may be an incredibly lazy prospect.

The higher the price you set, the longer it will take to find a buyer. Remember that many small victories are more efficient than a few big ones. Besides, you set the auction duration to one hour and provide unsold players every hour. It depends on the quality: the more players you provide to ÜV, the better your chances of selling one or more players.

High-priced sales are most suitable for use with cards used in games or SBC. If you are looking for suggestions, search the "Player list" or check out the most popular players on MUTHead. At any stage of the game, high-priced sales can be carried out under any budget. Be patient and always keep the ball in shape, then you will get countless Madden 21 coins through ÜV!

Sniper and flip


MUT transaction: Sniper and Flip Description
Knowledge: low Understand the chart or trend
Work hard: medium You can only earn coins when actively trading
Budget: low Any budget is possible
Risk: low Almost no risk
Duration low You usually make an immediate profit
Profit low As long as you hurry


How to flip in Madden 21?

If you want to quickly earn MUT coins, sniping and flipping are one of the best trading methods in Madden 21. Sniping refers to the targeted purchase of MUT objects below their market value. Flip means that you immediately put the cheaply purchased player or consumables on the market at a higher price.

So, go to the transfer market and define the search settings-so-called "sniper filters." Players who have a lot of bets and therefore trade frequently are especially suitable for sniping. Alternatively, popular consumer goods, such as shadows or hunters, are relevant. Initially, set the maximum purchase price to be lower than the market price so that no objects are displayed in the search.

The search is then updated until the results appear in the investigation, and you hit with lightning speed. Adjust two search criteria for each search; otherwise, no new developments will be displayed. It works best if you set the minimum bid price to 150 and the minimum price for immediate purchase to 200 so that the price is increased every new search.

Once you have purchased the item you want, please put it back into the transfer market at the market price to get some quick MUT coins, and repeat the process. The best cutting and flipping effect can be obtained through Madden 21 Web App because you can confirm the Enter key's purchase. However, if you have internalized the key combination, you can still bargain on the console.

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