Madden Ultimate Team Series 5 Sets, Missions and Challenges

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It won't be easy. But to challenge the past Super Bowl, choose the second set of challenges, and then select the Steelman and Cowboy challenge. It will start defending with 3 seconds left in the fourth quarter, and all you have to do is stop hailing Mary. I suggest placing Mills next to other DBs and try to be a lucky interceptor. The pinch formation and QB pass are much shorter, which should bring more significant opportunities. The Series 5 of Madden Ultimate Team starts today with new rewards, master upgrades, players, scenarios, challenges, and missions! The highest MUT level has been increased from 80 to 90, and all four series trophies have been converted to 5 series trophies (100 S4 trophies = 50 S5 trophies). The brand new Madden coach collection with 600 5 awards (9 in total) can be found in the store. Check out the set, missions, and challenges of MUT Series 5 below:

NO.1 Series 5 sets


Sets Name Recipes Result
93-94 OVR Elite Exchange 3x Elite Players (91-92 OVR) 1x random Elite Player (93-94 OVR)
95-96 OVR Elite Exchange 3x Elite Players (93-94 OVR) 1x random Elite Player (95-96 OVR)
92 OVR Team Builders Fantasy Pack 3x 87-88 OVR players, 4x 85-86 OVR players, and 4x 83-84 OVR players Team Builders Fantasy Pack containing your choice of 1x 92 OVR Team Builders player


Madden Ultimate Team Series 5 Sets, Missions and Challenges

NO.2 Challenge
MUT today offers the following new solo challenges:

Level challenge
Complete these challenges to get the collections needed to upgrade the level master Andre Johnson.

Level Rewards
Level 85 7 Challenges, 3,500 Coins, 1x Level Master Collectible
Level 87 7 Challenges, 3,500 Coins, 1x Level Master Collectible

NO.3 Series 5 team builders:
Complete the following 16 challenges to win the choice of 92 new OVR Team Builder players today.

NO.4 TB: 5-16 series challenge, 11,200 MUT coins, 80 stars possible

NO.5 After obtaining the maximum number of stars in the Team Affinity Series 1-4 challenges, the following new milestone rewards can be used:

Stars Rewards
880 Stars Gold Team Fantasy Pack and 2,000 Coins
896 Stars Gold Team Fantasy Pack
912 Stars Ultimate Gold Team Fantasy Pack and 2x Gold Team Fantasy Pack
928 Stars 10K Coins
944 Stars Gold Team Fantasy Pack and 10K Coins


NO.6 Missions
Some new Series 5 multiplayer missions can reward Series 5 trophies for winning online games. Completing the complete list will reward you with an additional 100,000 coins. The following is a breakdown of the rewards for each level:

Win Online Game Rewards
1 10 Series 5 Trophies
5 30 Series 5 Trophies
10 30 Series 5 Trophies
15 30 Series 5 Trophies
20 30 Series 5 Trophies
15 30 Series 5 Trophies
20 30 Series 5 Trophies
30 60 Series 5 Trophies
40 60 Series 5 Trophies
50 60 Series 5 Trophies
75 120 Series 5 Trophies
100 120 Series 5 Trophies
125 120 Series 5 Trophies
150 120 Series 5 Trophies
200 120 Series 5 Trophies
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