Madden NFL 24 All Passing Explained

Game: Madden 24
Time: 2023-12-13 00:26:43
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Madden NFL 24 has six different passing. Because each passing style is really only used in specific scenarios, it's a little hard to tell which is the overall best. In order to help you nuances each different type of pass, this guide will cover how to throw all passes in Madden 24, including bullet, lob, touch, high, low and lateral pass.


Madden 24 Bullet Pass -  This pass is fast and gets the job done.


Bullet Pass


To throw a bullet pass in Madden 24, press and hold the designated receiver button. The ball will zip out of the quarterback's hand and reach the target as quickly as possible. There's no faster way to get the ball to a WR, TE, or RB. Typically, you'll throw a bullet pass to beat tight coverage. This is a good option in man-to-man. But it's not always the best choice, as a poorly placed Bullet Pass can often be the easiest for defenders to swat or even intercept.


Madden 24 High Pass - This pass allows your receiver to avoid underneath and smaller defender.


High Pass


To throw a high pass in Madden 24, players will first need to hold down the L1 button on PS, LB button on Xbox or ALT on PC while also pressing the button of whoever you're passing to. High passes are great in instances where you don't have as much space between the receiver and defender and want to put the ball in a place where the receiver can get it, but the defender can't. Also, a well-executed High Pass can have a better chance of minimizing your chances of being intercepted. But ensure to choose your target carefully; if you throw it to the wrong wide receiver, you could risk a turnover!


Madden 24 Low Pass - This pass is good for keeping the ball away from defenders behind the receiver.


Low Pass


In order to do this pass, you will need to press down on the left stick on either the Xbox or PS or hold the left CTRL button while also simultaneously pressing the button of whoever it is that you want to pass to. The exact situation isn't too far off, as the benefit of a Low Pass is that they can be particularly difficult to intercept. They can, unfortunately, also be particularly difficult for your own receivers to catch. However, in the process, you're still giving your receiver an opportunity to make a play.


Madden 24 Touch Pass -  This pass is perfect for throwing when wanting to get the ball over a defender's head while not sacrificing the speed of the throw too much.


Touch Pass


In order to perform a touch pass in Madden 24, one wants to press the button icon that appears above a receiver's head at "medium strength". Don't tap it, or it will be a lob pass. Hold on to it for too long and a bullet pass will be thrown instead. The touch pass is arguably the most difficult type of pass to execute in the game, but it's a great tool for getting through the opposing team's defense. It is good for medium-yardage plays or quick dump plays.


Madden 24 Lob Pass - This pass is done to help the receiver avoid tackles.


Lob Pass


To throw a lob pass in Madden 24, players will want to just tap a receiver icon – for example, it could be the X button on Xbox or Square on PS, depending on the receiver. This is great if you don't want the other team a chance to intercept the pass and take the ball for themselves. In addition, if you are planning on attempting deep, lob passes to your receivers, we do recommend you review the throw power and deep throw accuracy ratings for the quarterbacks you intend to use. The better the throw power and deep throw accuracy your quarterback has, the stronger his deep lob passes will be downfield.


Madden 24 Lateral Pass -  This pass is really only meant to be done in difficult situations since it's hard to decide on a target.


Lateral Pass


Just like in previous years, PS users just have to press L1 when they have the ball in their hands to throw a lateral. That means that, yes, Xbox users are still pressing LB for the sideways pass. The lateral is best utilized on kickoff and punt returns – if you can get teammates close enough to you – or when you're heading downfield and might just be able to run out of stamina as a defender is about to bring you down. You do have to be on the run for a lateral to be thrown. Standing still in the pocket is not going to wield any great results. This play is pretty simple, but the timing is everything.


Now that you understand how to throw all types of passes in Madden 24, it's time to find out what the best types of passing are for what you want to do; then, you shouldn't have any trouble figuring out which one you want to execute when the time comes.