Madden 24: Top 5 Overpowered Passing Plays

Game: Madden 24
Time: 2023-12-25 00:56:31
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Madden 24, in most game modes, allows you to run any offensive playbook in the entire NFL. You have access to every single play the game conceivably has. In this guide, let's look at the top 5 most overpowered passing plays in the game.


Play 1: TE Whip (Gun Y Off Trips Pats)

Gun Y Off Trips Pats

Playbooks: NE     
This TE zig route is INCREDIBLE at destroying man coverage underneath.     
If the user guards the zig, read the wheel & post for huge gains.     
Setup: Flat your solo WR, wheel your RB, and streak your middle trips WR.


Play 2: Verticals (Gun Trips TE)

Gun Trips TE

Playbooks: BUF/GB/NE/PIT/Run N Gun     
This is the most OVERPOWERED quick hike play in Madden.     
The seam route gets between zone defenders for HUGE gains down the field.     
Read the TE/RB routes if the seam is covered.     
Setup: In route your RB


Play 3: PA Post Shot (Gun Tight Flex)

PA Post Shot

Playbooks: LAR/Run N Gun     
The crosser & drag create a easy "hi-low" read on the left, and the other crosser gives CRAZY down field potential.     
This is AWESOME for quick hiking and catching your opponent off guard.     
Setup: Out route your RB


Play 4: Gun Tight Y Off TE Corner

Gun Tight Y Off TE Corner

The TE corner route is UNGUARDABLE – it clears ANY zone drop while staying under deep zones.     
The reverse zig & texas combo are IMPOSSIBLE to stop together.     
Setup (left hash): Fade the right side WR


Play 5: Gun Bunch Offset Double Post

Gun Bunch Offset Double Post

Playbooks: PHI/IND     
This is by far the BEST play in the game.     
The post is IMPOSSIBLE to guard and TORCHES man coverage and Cover 3 for one-play TDs.     
Adjustments: Streak the middle bunch WR