Madden 24: Tips To Get More Interceptions

Game: Madden 24
Time: 2024-01-17 00:32:48
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Madden 24 Interceptions


A strong defense will win you championships, so it is vital to learn how to intercept in Madden 24. When you’re going up against some of the best quarterbacks in the game, you need to cut those balls out! In order to help you swing the momentum of a game, this guide will show you three tips to help you increase your interception count in the game.


Guard Two Routes At Once


To create confusion for your opponent, focus on guarding one route while keeping your eyes on another. This tactical approach can make it appear as if a route is open, enticing your opponent to throw in that direction. However, by simultaneously monitoring a different route, you're prepared to react instantly and intercept the pass. This deceptive strategy can catch your opponent off guard and lead to turnovers in your favor.


Strafing For Control


Utilize strafing by holding LT or L2 to gain more control over your user. Strafing allows you to move laterally while facing the line of scrimmage, giving you enhanced control and responsiveness. This increased control is valuable when tracking routes and enables you to break on the ball swiftly for easy interceptions. Mastering strafing will make you a more formidable force in the defensive backfield.


Keep Your Eyes Off The Quarterback


Resist the temptation to constantly watch the quarterback. Instead, focus on observing the routes that are developing down the field. Keeping your eyes on the routes allows you to anticipate the trajectory of the ball and position yourself for interceptions. If your attention is solely on the quarterback, you may miss critical cues from the receivers, leading to missed interception opportunities. By maintaining awareness of developing plays, you increase your chances of making impactful defensive plays.


All in all, incorporating these tips into your gameplay can significantly enhance your interception skills in Madden 24, and you'll become a more formidable defender capable of creating turnovers and shifting the momentum in your favor.