Madden 24: Ranking Archetypes For Each Position

Game: Madden 24
Time: 2024-01-02 00:58:18
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Madden 24 Archetypes


In Madden 24, choosing a position may sound like an easy job, but it’s actually not. Even for real-life football players, this can be a daunting task because of the various archetypes associated with each position. You might end up choosing a certain position and archetype, only to find out it does not suit your play style. For this reason, the player position is arguably the most important and main determining feature for your success. So what archetypes are the best for every position in Madden 24?


Best QB Archetypes


   Strong Arm 
   Field General


There are a few reasons that Improviser is the best archetype for QBs:


   The highest expected value for total individual attributes increases 
   The highest expected value for Throw Power increases 
   Tied (with Scrambler) for the highest expected value for Speed increases 
   2nd highest expected value (after Field General) for accuracies (SAC, MAC, DAC combined)


Best HB Archetypes


   Elusive Back 
   Receiving Back 
   Power Back


There are two main reasons that Elusive Back is the best archetype for running backs:


   The highest expected value for total individual attributes increases 
   The highest expected value for important attributes like Speed.


Best WR Archetypes


   Deep Threat 


There are a couple main reasons why Playmaker is the best archetype for wide receivers:


   A high expected value for total individual attributes increases 
   The highest expected value for speed increases


Best TE Archetypes


   Vertical Threat 


Vertical Threat stands out as the best archetype tight ends because of a few reasons:


   The highest expected value for individual attributes increases 
   The highest chance to get a speed increase 
   By far the most receiving related upgrades of any of the archetypes.


Best OL Archetypes


   Pass Protector 


There really isn’t one dominant archetype for offensive linemen. If you are just looking for individual rating increases, you will want to upgrade the Power archetype and stay far away from the Pass Protector archetype. If you run an offense where you pass most of the time, upgrading the Pass Protector archetype still makes sense. If you run a power-run style offense or are going against players with high-power moves on defense, it makes sense to upgrade the Power archetype. For the most part, each archetype does what it says it does, so this one comes down to your personal preference.


Best DE Archetypes


   Speed Rusher 
   Power Rusher 
   Run Stopper


There isn’t one clear winner for upgrading defensive ends. The Run Stopper archetype gets block shed, the Speed Rusher archetype gets Finesse Moves, and the Power Rusher archetype gets Power Moves. Each archetype has a different strength and the upgrades mostly give you the types of ratings increases you would expect.


Best OLB Archetypes


   Speed Rusher 
   Power Rusher 
   Run Stopper 
   Pass Coverage


Just like with defensive ends and defensive tackles, we don’t have a strong recommendation for which archetype to upgrade. While we can’t make a recommendation as to which archetype you should upgrade at the outside linebacker positions, we do recommend that if you plan to utilize them as a pass rusher to switch them to defensive end for more relevant attribute increases.


Best MLB Archetypes


   Field General 
   Pass Coverage 
   Run Stopper


With Run Stopper you will get the most Block Shed and Tackle but the least zone and man coverage. With Pass Coverage, you will get the least Block, Shed, and Tackle but the most zone and man coverage. And with Field General a decent middle ground between the other 2 archetypes. This one comes down to your personal preference.


Best CB Archetypes


   Man To Man 


This position archetype also comes down to your personal preference. But if there is a specific superstar ability you are working towards getting, it can make sense to upgrade Man To Man archetype even though the individual attribute increases might be low. If you are calling zone coverage more than 80% of the time, then our recommendation is to upgrade the Zone archetype. In every other situation, we strongly recommend upgrading the Slot archetype on all of your cornerbacks.