Madden 24: How to Make Coins Easy & Trade Quickly in MUT

Game: Madden 24
Time: 2023-09-19 14:02:55
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We know that the prices of some Solar Powered Uniforms are very high. Selling them can earn a lot of coins. Let's check it out in the Auction House:


Enter into Auction House


In Filter By on the left 
- Click TYPE and choose Uniforms 
- Click TEAM and choose No Team


You will see Solar Powered Uniforms from different teams.


For example, the Jaguars' Uniform max value is 3,288,000. Its current Place Bid Price and Buy Now Price are 145,250 coins and 146,375 coins.


Another example is the Rams' Uniform max value is 7,940,400. Its Place Price is 501,825 coins and 505,600 coins.


You will get bulk coins if you own and sell them successfully.


How to get Solar Powered Uniforms?


Visit the Store, and choose Top Gear, click it. Pull over the button to the end. You will see the Solar Powered FGantasy Pack. The pack price is very cheap; you only need 500 points/50,000 coins to buy.


After purchase, open the pack. You will see some Solar Powered Uniforms. Please choose the one with the highest price and get it. Put them into the Auction House, and once the trade is done, you will get bulk coins.


Will it influence EZMUT?


Ezmut has been selling MUT coins for many years. Now you can buy Madden 24 coins here.


MUT Coins trade method is through player trade: You buy a certain amount of MUT coins and list the same amount on the Auction House. We will purchase your player, and the trade is done. The MUT coins will get into your account.


But Madden 24 has a limitation on price. If you purchased big amounts of coins on our web, you need to list multi-pal players to get your MUT coins.


If you have Solar Powered Uniforms, list them on the Auction House. It will be very simple to get your coins.


For example, you have purchased 5 Million coins from our website. If we follow the normal trade method, it will be very complex. Now you only need to list 1 Solar Powered Uniform and make trade easy.