Madden 24: 6 Most Dominant Defensive Tips to Use

Game: Madden 24
Time: 2024-01-26 01:00:21
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Even with the best defense in Madden 24, playing defense can be perplexing. Many players still struggle with defensive plays. Fear not! This article is here to provide you with a comprehensive guide to enhance your defensive skills and dominate the virtual game.


Game Settings Optimization


Before diving into a match, it's crucial to optimize your game settings. Head to the settings gear on the home screen and explore the game options tab. Pay special attention to the gameplay helpers section, where defensive functions play a significant role. Experiment with options like Defensive Ball Hawk, Defensive Switch Assist, and Defensive Heat Seeker Assist to tailor your gameplay to your skill level.


Game Planning Options


Selecting the right game-planning options is essential for a successful defense. Focus on stopping the run game. On the defensive side, there are two options that pertain to the running game: defend inside run and defend outside run, especially outside runs. Consider the offensive tendencies of your opponent, whether they rely on a strong running back or prefer a passing game. Adjust your game-planning options accordingly to gain an advantage.


Pre-Kickoff Strategies


In Madden 24, you'll need to be able to make an assortment of pre-play adjustments in the short amount of time before the ball is snapped if you want to compete with the best players. If you're receiving the ball, use this time to organize your coaching adjustments, audible plays, and substitutions. For kickoffs, aim to limit the field position for your opponent. Kick the ball strategically to the far corner of the end zone or experiment with onside kick methods to increase your chances of recovery.


Pre-Snap Adjustments


Pre-snap adjustments are another way to gain an advantage over the opposing team. By making adjustments before the ball is snapped, you can confuse the opposing team and gain an advantage on defense. To make pre-snap adjustments, simply select the adjustment you want to make from your playcalling screen. You can adjust your playcall, formation, motion, or play speed. Use these adjustments to catch the opposing team off guard and gain an advantage.


Pressure Techniques


The biggest thing about Madden 24's defense is applying pressure to the QB. Quarterback accuracy reduces when pressured. Therefore, the more you pressure a QB, the more likely he is to make mistakes. Furthermore, this creates more opportunities for interceptions, fumbles, tackles for loss, and sacks. So, learn to send defenders after the quarterback strategically, even from within the pocket. By pressing the right stick or R3 button, you can send a delayed blitz defender, taking advantage of the moment when blockers are engaged in double team animations. This can result in consistent and effective pressure against the quarterback.


Dive-Tackling Mastery


Dive tackling is an aggressive tackle that you should use when you are in a high-pressure situation or when trying to force a fumble. That said, this tackle is much riskier and can leave your defender more prone to missing tackles. But once you master it, dive tackling ensures you never get caught up in tackle battle animations, instantly rag-dolling the ball carrier. Make dive tackling your go-to technique for securing stops and regaining possession.


With these tips, you're well on your way to becoming a powerful defensive player in Madden 24. Good luck on the virtual gridiron!