Madden 23 Season 2 Field Pass Rewards

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Madden 23 Season 2 Field Pass Rewards

The next few months of Madden 23 Season 2 should be a lot of fun with the latest rewards and challenges that were added. The most important is players get a whole new array of new rewards. So in this guide, we bring a list of all Season 2 Field Pass rewards and what level you need to reach to get them.

All Season 2 Field Pass MUT Rewards

Level 2: Coach John Madden
Level 3: 10,000 Coins
Level 4: Returner Strategy Item
Level 5: Gold+ Player Pack
Level 6: Gameday Pack
Level 7: 10,000 Coins
Level 8: 15 Gold+ Players
Level 9: Elite Pack
Level 10: 10,000 Coins
Level 11: 86 OVR Mike Edwards
Level 12: CB1 Strategy Item
Level 13: Black Knights Uniform
Level 14: 10,000 Coins
Level 15: Elite Pack
Level 16: Rare TA Strategy Fantasy Pack
Level 17: Gameday Pack
Level 18: Rams 1970’s Away Uniform
Level 19: 10,000 Coins
Level 20: Pro Gameday Pack
Level 21: 88 OVR Dalvin Cook
Level 22: River Hogs Home Uniform
Level 23: 10,000 Coins
Level 24: Pick Artist Strategy Team
Level 25: Falcons 1970’s Home Uniform
Level 26: Gameday Pack
Level 27: 10,000 Coins
Level 28: Snowhawks Away Uniform
Level 29: Elite Pack
Level 30: 10,000 Coins
Level 31: 90 OVR Bobby Wagner
Level 32: Dual Threat Strategy Item
Level 33: 10,000 Coins
Level 34: Jets 1960’s Home Uniform
Level 35: Gameday Pack
Level 36: Pro Gameday Pack
Level 37: Tigers Home Uniform
Level 38: 10,000 Coins
Level 39: Gameday Pack
Level 40: Elite Pack
Level 41: 92 OVR Josh Allen
Level 42: Jags 2010’s Away Alternate
Level 43: Prime Strategy Item
Level 44: 10,000 Coins
Level 45: Pro Gameday Pack
Level 46: Pro Elite Pack
Level 47: Mounties Away Uniform
Level 48: 10,000 Coins
Level 49: Pro Gameday Pack
Level 50: Patriots Classic Alternate
Level 51: 94 OVR Deoin Sanders
Level 52: 10,000 Coins
Level 53: 1 of 3 82+ OVR Elite Players
Level 54: 10,000 Coins
Level 55: 4 of 7 79+ OVR Gold Players
Level 56: 10,000 Coins
Level 57: Token/Collectable
Level 58: 10,000 Coins
Level 59: Pro Gameday Pack
Level 60: 10,000 Coins
Level 61: Pro Elite Pack

The featured player rewards available to earn in Season 2 include 86 Mike Edwards, 88 Dalvin Cook, 90 Bobby Wagner, 92 Josh Allen, and a 94 OVR Deion Sanders that can equip any of the 32 NFL Teams or Legends Chemistry! All player rewards are BND and come with a custom ability bucket. Some of these could be a great addition and your best players yet.

There you have it, all the rewards to look forward to in Season 2. It might take some time to acquire all of these, but from what we can see, it is one hundred percent worth it. What are your thoughts on the Season 2 Player Rewards? Do you like the Season 2 Players better than Season 1? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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