Madden 23 Running Tips

Game: Madden 23
Time: 2022-12-24 02:50:00
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In Madden 23, run plays are great for chipping away at opposing defenses, gaining yards, and even setting up for big plays in the passing game. So in this article, we will show you how to jump over defenders and improve your evasion skills with hurdle, jurdle, juke, spin, truck, slide and sprint controls in Madden 23, then make you a force to be reckoned with.

How To Hurdle

A hurdle is a move that sees the ball carrier jump over a defender to avoid a tackle. This is a great move in Madden 23 because it barely takes any stamina or momentum from the runner. The process of hurdling is quite simple, as all it requires is for players to press Triangle on PS or Y on Xbox. Players need to ensure they have the ball in their hands for a hurdle to work. It's also important to remember that you can't hurdle while controlling the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage.

How To Jurdle

Jurdle is basically jump combined with jukes. It combines a jump's vertical power with a juke's horizontal power. This makes it very useful in situations where you need to move but can't just hurdle over the opposing team. To perform it, press the hurdle button (Y/Triangle/R) while also inputting a direction to guide where the jurdle takes the ball carrier.

How To Juke

The classic 'juke' move is one of the most effective moves that are easy to learn and master. Whether you go left, right, or cause a dead leg to the opposing defender, each of these three moves can free up a lot of space for you to run and find the lanes you need to exploit to get down field. To perform a juke in Madden 23, flick the Right Stick Left or Right (PS & Xbox), or press A or W on PC, depending on the direction you want to go.

How To Spin
The spin move in Madden 23 is an effective maneuver that can fool any defensive player on the field. The spin is literally a 360' slice around an opposing player in hopes of gaining more yards down the line. To spin, press the B button on Xbox, Circle button on PS, or F on PC.

How To Dead Leg

To perform the dead leg move, you simply need to hit the right stick down (S on PC) right before you make contact with the player. This will activate the move, but remember that the dead leg is very situational. Typically, it should only be used when you are the ball carrier and are up against one blocker. That's when it's most effective, as the move will slow you down while performing it.

How To Truck

When you're running downfield as the ball carrier in Madden 23, and a blocker gets in your way, sometimes the best way past them is to run through them. This is referred to as a truck or trucking a player. To truck in Madden, flick the Right Stick Up (PS & Xbox), or press W on PC to break off tackles. Some players like George Kittle have faster trucking animations. Look for high weight and speed stats for a faster trucking animation.

How To Sprint

While trying to score a touchdown in Madden 23, knowing how to sprint is absolutely crucial. That instant burst of rapid speed can be the difference between making it to the goal zone or a chasing defender tackling you. Sprinting in Madden 23 is incredibly easy; all you need to do is hold down the right trigger on your controller of choice. On PS, that's the R2 button, and on Xbox, it'll be RT.

How To Slide

Don't you want your QB to get hurt or scared they'll fumble the ball if someone tackles them? It's in your best interests to learn how to slide. Sliding in Madden 23 is simple. When you have the ball, just double-tap the dive button (Square on a PS controller, and X on an Xbox controller). Make sure to tap the button in quick succession, or else your player will perform a head-first dive. While the head-first dive will give your character a bit more distance and will help you gain more yards, it's a bit riskier if you're performing it with a QB that has a bad Carrying rating, you'reu're more likely to fumble the ball.

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