Madden 23 Defensive Tips For Beginners

Game: Madden 23
Time: 2022-11-28 00:28:49
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Madden 23 is in full swing, which means players have a chance to make some big hits, and shut opposing offenses down. But if you're new to Madden, you might struggle with stopping other players from scoring players. Do not worry. Here we will talk about defense tips and how to use them to your advantage in the game.

Use Defensive Line

Let me repeat for clarity... If you do not use the D-line, you aren't a good madden player. Creating havoc for an offense starts with the D-line. So to keep your defense strong, you need to set up a D-Line to counter the stronger side of the attackers. You can use these to stop your opponent's runs and to open a gap that your users can easily close.

Use Blitz

A blitz in football is easy to define. Simply put, it's a play call by a defense designed to rush the quarterback with more defenders than blockers. But just because a blitz is an easy concept to understand doesn't mean that it's easy to execute properly. But you can set up your defense to blitz the selected player on the O-line because blitzing gives you an instant speed boost. As a result, you can perform far better and put more pressure on your opponents than usual.

Interception Is The Key

Turnovers in football play a role in determining momentum in a game and factor into the game's final score. One way that a turnover can be forced is through the air via an interception. To attempt to intercept the ball, first, ensure that you have properly lined up the defender with the ball. This means tracking the football in the air with your eyes and having a good sense of where the pass will end up at the end of the play. Once you have that and the football is within reach of the defender, press Y if you are on an Xbox console, and PS owners will want to hit Triangle.

Select Your Formation

Each NFL team uses a different playbook. You can apply them to other teams or use them with your Madden Ultimate Team. Every team's playbook will include its own set of formations. These determine the type of personnel you have on the field and where they position themselves. Once you find a defensive strategy that works best for you, look for a playbook that accommodates it. Selection of the correct defensive formation puts you a step ahead of your competition.

Use Different Tackles

Tackling is one of the key skills you will need to perfect. Because it breaks down the opponent's play and, in turn, reduces your chance of receiving a touchdown or, at the very least, a good play. So, even if you don't want to improve on this, you will need to strongly reconsider, as it would help you in the long run. Madden NFL 23 has four different types of tackles that you can use to accomplish this. These are Conservative Tackle, Dive Tackle, Hit Stick, and Cut Stick.

Coaching Adjustment Screen

Coaching Adjustments are a very important yet often overlooked part of Madden NFL 23. It allows you to modify your formations in a specific field area, which will greatly impact how your players perform in the field, so you need to tune them according to your playstyle carefully. Whenever possible, it is better to design your own formation rather than stick to a predetermined one, since you can control many variables and make sure your formation is suited to the situation at hand.

It ends here. Once you follow these tips, you will definitely improve your defense and become stronger in the game. For more related content, check out our dedicated guides page.