Madden 22: The complete guide to important, practical, effective tips and strategies

Game: Madden 22
Time: 2021-08-28 14:25:32
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Madden NFL 22 is a new American football game launched by EA Sports this year. The player data in the game is synchronized with the live performance of the 2020 NFL season. Compared with last year's Madden NFL 21, this year's Madden 22 has a clear advantage. The gameplay is smoother, the franchise model has more levels, and MUT will maintain a significant change and experience. In general, Madden NFL 22 is gradually developing in the right direction.

Madden 22: The complete guide to important, practical, effective tips and strategies

In this content, we will share some of the skills and strategies in Madden 22 for beginners and hope that this content can take you to the end of success. Whether you are an experienced veteran or a novice with little knowledge, I believe these will bring you some help and advice. Madden 22 is a real-time service-type game. A lot of data will change according to the actual situation of the NFL. Therefore, although this is the latest guide and strategy, the functions and balance of some games will vary with the situation change.

American Football Guide

American football, also known as NFL or grill, is a team-based sport. In its arena, two teams score by moving the ball to the opposing end zone. Each professional NFL roster consists of three groups, and each group has a unique role on the court.

Responsible for passing the ball to the field, using a combination of running and passing. The quarterback mainly dominates the offense. It can also include the offensive line (assign to protect the quarterback), wide receivers (trust to receive and pass), close forwards (designate to assist the offensive line and receive and pass), and running backs (Assigned to the quarterback) running with the ball).

Responsible for preventing the offense from passing the ball onto the court. The defense consists of a defensive line, including defensive tackles and defensive ends, used to block running and put pressure on the opposing quarterback. The defense is also made up of linebackers. Their task is to stop running and put pressure on the quarterback, and defend any short passes. Finally, the defense features cornerbacks and safety guards, who defend deep passes and cover wide receivers.

Exceptional team:
responsible for performing tasks such as kicking or kicking a ball.

How is American football scored?

American football is a turn-based game where the offense moves the ball 10 yards with four hits while the defense stops them. If the attacking team cannot move the ball 10 yards within four strokes, possession of the ball is exchanged. The offense's goal is to move the ball to the defender's end zone to get 6 points. Then you can add extra points through special team kicks. Other scoring methods include:

Security: This happens when the defender resolves the offense in his end zone and is worth two points.

Shot Score: This happens when the offense chooses to kick the ball through the goal post, worth three points.

Option 6: This happens when the defender intercepts the offensive ball and sends it back to the opponent's end zone.

Tactical or Playbook

In terms of offense and defense, you need to have a rough understanding of coverage. The attacker can decide which type of playbook or method to use through the opponent's defensive formation. For example, if the defense is located on Cover 2, there is room for the safety of the wide-angle receiver. In this kind of coverage, running backs with running backs can also be successful. Of course, the defender can disguise a different appearance, lift the two safety devices high, and then transition to cover 1 to stack the boxes and prevent any running offense.

When I understand the NFL game process and methods, we recommend that you read real-life tactics to understand the defense and how to attack. Learning coverage from an offensive perspective will help you know how to overcome it and use it when you are trying to stop an opponent. For example, if you successfully predict that your opponent will run the ball, you can use a 4-3 formation to stack boxes to prevent it from moving forward. For example, if a team has more than one tight end, you can predict when they will run the ball.

Madden 22: The important tips and strategies

First, we will provide beginners with a series of tips and strategies to help you fully prepare and simulate in Madden 22.

1. Settings-suit your operation and habits

If you are not familiar with American football or Madden games, you must consider changing the settings and reducing the difficulty. The arcade mode is a good starting point: the team will be strengthened, so every game is exaggerated, allowing you to pass the ball to the field and make some genuinely spectacular catches.

If you want a more realistic experience, you can always change the setting to competitive but keep the difficulty manageable in the novice or pro version. As you become more familiar with the gameplay, you can gradually increase the challenge. Remember, if you feel frustrated, it is not shameful to set things aside.

2. Skills trainer-improve one's ideals and practice

We recommend that you use Madden NFL 22 skill trainers to better understand the strategies needed to succeed. In general, pay close attention to your people to inform your play style. If you want to understand precisely what formation and concept to use, we strongly recommend that you spend some time using a skill trainer. You can find it under the tabs of the main menu. Not only can you understand how to play Madden 22 by explaining the control and game concepts, but it can also provide you with a crash course on NFL tactics or playbook.

How do you attack Cover 2? When should a 4-3 formation be deployed? The game is very good at giving you some practical examples of how the American football team works. If you want to be very good, you need to make sure you watch real sports on TV and maybe even read some books on the subject. However, if you are a novice or just want to improve your understanding, then the skill trainer is great-you can even unlock some ultimate team packs to complete the training.

3. Risk-Understand the situation of the game and reduce the risk

Sometimes you need to take a risk in Madden NFL 22, especially if you find yourself chasing the game very late. However, when you are in a tie or lead in the game, you should work harder to minimize the risk. This means that if your quarterback is under pressure, you should always throw the ball away with R3 to avoid sacking and losing yards. 

Similarly, if you compete with someone other than a strong man like Derrick Henry, double-click the square button, then make another big shot and possibly fumble the ball. It doesn't make sense to take the risk of choosing the sixth position to run a few more yards: understand your situation on the football field and minimize the risk as much as possible.

4. Time-hold time and play methodically

Time management is an important aspect of the NFL, and it may be the difference between winning a game and losing. In almost all cases, if there is a touchdown, then you should score. However, if you are leading and entering the third or fourth quarter, you don't need to worry. 

Run the ball to manage the clock, play the ball methodically, usually just occupy the ball time. The less time the ball is in your opponent's hands, the less chance they will have to score, so take some time to combine short passes and running. As we said before, if the touchdown is already on, then accept it-but when the clock is ticking and you are in the lead, there is no need to force it.

5. Quarterback-disrupting opponents through interference and deception

When you face a quarterback like Lamar Jackson, perfect comprehensive receiver coverage is just one of your problems: even with the most organized defense, the quarterback can be messy. A quick tip is to assign a QB spy. These players, usually linebackers, will reflect the quarterback's actions to prevent them from sprinting in big games. 

To include a quarterback, select a linebacker during the pre-capture, press X, and move the analog stick from right to left. If you use L2 to pull up Play Art, you will see a red ring around the selected players, indicating that they will include a quarterback.

Madden 22:Ultimate Team

In the new season, Madden 22 is composed of various modes, of which Ultimate Team is the most popular. In Ultimate Team, your ultimate goal is to collect cards and build your dream list of players. Cards can be obtained by purchasing gift packs through MUT Coins, completing challenges, or unlocking them through transactions. Through the following connections, you can fully understand Ultimate Team and build your dreamy Ultimate Team.

Madden 22: How to build your most dreamy Ultimate Team with the lowest cost?

Madden 22: Franchise

In the new Madden 22, the most significant change is the improvement of the franchise model, especially the addition of game day goals and staff management. If you want to know how to make the most of your Franchise and want to build a dominant team and win the Super Bowl, then the following are your indispensable conditions!

Madden 22: How to make the most of Franchise and win the championship?

Madden 22: The Yard and Face of the Franchise

Starting from Madden 21, the model courses of The Yard and Face of the Franchise have been integrated, allowing you to upgrade different body types and match them with unique body types. At the same time, Madden 22 imposes The Yard and Face of the Franchise and improves the player experience in the mode. Understanding The Yard and Face of the Franchise in Madden 22 is a must-have course that can help you improve your game level and experience in these modes.

Madden 22: How to make progress and get the best class in The Yard and Face of the Franchise?

Madden 22: Trophies

Madden 22 contains different game modes and various game modes. You must spread love to get all the trophies and achievements of this year. Like many other PlayStation games, they should be the same on PS4 and PS5, but there will be a trophy level instead of player points. Madden 22 has many trophies that need to be unlocked by yourself. And PlayStation users will get an extra platinum trophy by unlocking all other trophies.

Madden 22: How to unlock trophies and how to get platinum trophies?


The above is all the most comprehensive tips and strategies in Madden 22. I hope these contents will be your assistant in the game. If you have any other questions, tips, and suggestions, you can leave a comment below to share! After all, Madden 22 is a game that changes according to the actual situation, so you can always pay attention to the dynamic information of the NFL, grasp the latest data and dynamics of the players, and better cope with various situations and changes the game in advance.