Madden 22: How to choose the current top team?

Game: Madden 22
Time: 2021-11-27 11:38:26
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The NFL has reached its 12th week. Regarding the Madden 22 game, whether you are a new player or a very experienced veteran, you know a basic common sense that each team will perform differently every year. In the Madden 22 game, choosing a top team needs to be viewed from three main aspects: Overall, Offense, and Defense. Therefore, this article will share a detailed guide to the top teams in Madden 22, help you choose the current top teams.


Madden 22: How to choose the current top team?


In Madden 22, there are many factors to consider, and there are many unavoidable factors. When you use Brady and the Buccaneers instead of the Jacksonville Jaguars, statistics such as speed, accuracy, and power will change the experience. Use this handy guide to learn about playing on the grill and which teams to avoid.

The numbers are helpful, but let's explore how this overall offensive and defensive numbers translate into some of the best teams.


Madden 22: Top 5 Team

If you want to play, the Pirates, Chiefs, and Packers are your best choices. They were followed by the Ravens, Browns, Bills, Cowboys, Cardinals, Titans, and Chargers.



Top 1: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers are the best team for a reason. When no one thought it was possible, they defeated the Kansas City Chiefs.

The king of the team is, of course, Tom Brady, with a score of 97. He makes most of the seemingly impossible matches on the roster happen.

The team also has Levante David, who may be the most underrated defensive player in the league. David's score is 93. Mike Evans was a star receiver with a score of 91, and left-back Ali Mapet scored 90.

Your key players have no problem keeping up with the league's most robust game. DT Vita Vea is also 88 years old. Center Ryan Jensen and RT Tristan Wirfs are also 89 years old.



Top 2: Kansas City Chiefs

If the Super Bowl were played differently, the Chiefs could easily occupy the top spot.

Their scores are also high, with five players rated above 90. QB Mahomes has a rating of 99, which is almost perfect, but the close-end Travis Kelce also has the same rating. Kelce is also the fastest player in the game.

WR Tyreek Hill scored 90, safety Tyrann Mathieu scored 95, and defensive tackle Chris Jones scored 92.

Only five players in the game have a rating of 99. There are 2 chiefs. This is all you need to know.



Top 3: Green Bay Packers

The top 5 players on the Packers are all outstanding. Davante Adams is one of the best wide receivers in the game, with a rating of 99. Just throw it to him to get a more stable catch and yardage.

QB Aaron Rodgers may have encountered some controversy off the court, but at Madden, he still surpassed almost all other QBs. Only Brady and Mahomes ranked better.

David Bakhtiari was the highest-rated tackle in the game. Although Bakhtiari has suffered some injuries in real life, he is ready to stop almost every push in Madden NFL 22.

One of the league's best cornerbacks Jair Alexander and lightning-running back Aaron Jones is in the top five.



Top 4: Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens are a good team overall, but Ronnie Stanley and Marlon Humphrey are two clear leaders, with 93 (ranked fourth among all left tackles) and 92 ( The cornerback ranks fifth).

After Justin Tucker scored a record field goal in early October, his score recently increased to 99. You are almost always better at sticking to a team than constantly changing your choices based on the development of the entire season. Be familiar with and continue to win the game.



Top 5: Cleveland Browns

Cleveland's revival has been around for a long time. The team has an overall rating of 86 and has real firepower such as WR Odell Beckham Jr., LG Joel Bitonio, CB Denzel Ward, and RB Nick Chubb.

Defensive end Miles Garrett entered the game with an overall score of 98 points, while Chubb entered the game with 96 points.

Although they may not be the best team on the field, they are very close. Remember, the best player can rule any group.



Madden 22: The Worst Teams

Away from the Bengals, Lions, Jaguars, Panthers, and especially the New York Jets, this is the only team with an overall rating below 70.



To achieve dominance in Madden 22, the choice of the team is an indispensable and essential condition. The performance of these five teams is the best in the entire league, so you can choose your favorite team to fight. Of course, you can also select other groups you love. No matter which team you choose to be your most reliable partner, I hope you achieve the best results in Madden 22. In addition, this site has improved the safe and dependable MUT 22 Coins to protect your needs in the game.