Madden 21 TOTW 12 SETS, How to get SETS Players

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Madden 21 Weekly SETS is a mechanism that requires players to collect specific frog groups. The completed SETS rewards players with stamps and potions. There are more than 200 SETS, and new SETS appear every week. By clicking the "SETS" button on the main menu page, clicking "Get New Settings," and then confirming "Get New" on the pop-up menu, you can select different SETS. Then list all available SETS. Each set can only be collected once.

Players have unlimited time to complete a set of games. SETS can be done in any order. Frogs do not need to be in the same habitat. The SET frog must be an adult, but it does not have to be tamed. After completion, the frog will stay in the player's habitat. Once you have collected the required frogs, click the "Redeem Settings" button to get the reward, as it will not be awarded automatically. Players can collect multiple SETS frogs at the same time and switch between SETS to collect rewards. Need Madden 21 Coins to complete set requires go EZMUT.COM

Madden 21 TOTW 12 SETS, How to get SETS Players

Player of the Week: Jeremy Chinn

Earn 92 OVR Jeremy Chinn by completing his set that requires the following:
Antonio Gibson
Jimmie Ward
2x Jarvis Landry
2x Joey Bosa

Offense Hero: Willis McGahee

Earn 92 OVR Willis McGahee and his Power Up by completing his set that requires the following:
2x Antonio Gibson
3x Jarvis Landry
3x Tyreek Hill

Defense Hero: DeMarcus Ware
Earn 92 OVR DeMarcus Ware and his Power Up by completing his set that requires the following:
2x Jimmie Ward
3x Joey Bosa
3x Deion Jones

81-89 OVR TOTW - Week 12
Exchange 16x 78-82 OVR players to earn a random 81-89 OVR TOTW 12 player.

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