Madden 21 Snowball Fight Event Tips

Game: Madden 21
Time: 2021-01-05 11:24:51
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In the Madden 21 Snowball Fight event, you will choose the Myles team or the Justin team and participate in it. You can earn points for your team by putting Snowball collections into your team. By making Snowball Launcher collectible in the House Rules, the Snowball Champion can be upgraded from 80 OVR to 92 OVR. The champion of the winning team will get +1 to boost to 93 OVR.

How to join in a snowball fight?
Send two Sims to the snow park. On the right side of the park are two short walls. Click one to start the battle, then click another to join another sim card.

The challenge of snowball fights
Use your snowball here. In your first team, please choose a team and win the snowball championship. Earn Snowball Launcher Collectible and upgrade the tournament from 80 OVR to 92. Continue to complete the same settings for the team to score points. The team with the highest points will receive a +1 OVR promotion for its champion at the end of the event. In other words, the losing team can end up with 92 OVR championships, and the winning team can get 93 OVR championships. The event will last seven days and follow the following rules:
Lead by 14 points to win
+8 points at 20 yards TD
Opp -1 drops first
Opp -2 on INT/Fumble
No special team
Please refer to the picture below to get Snowball Fight rewards:
Madden 21 Snowball Fight Event Tips

Snowball Champion
Participate in the House Rules to get the following items: Snowball fights. You will choose the Myles team or the Justin team and participate in this event to earn points for your team by putting the Snowball collection into your team. By making "Snowball Launcher" collectible in the House Rules, the Snowball Champion can be upgraded from 80 OVR to 92 OVR. The champion of the winning team will get +1 to boost to 93 OVR.
Myles Garrett-92 OVR
Justin Herbert-92 OVR

On Offense
When you are in Verticals and Y Shallow Cross, you can only use two games in the Gun Empty Base Flex formation. Quickly enter these scripts by selecting the bullet gun formation and pressing it on the list. Always throw to the drag route! These are easy tasks that will accumulate points. Every time you throw the ball, try to take only 2-6 yards to ensure that you can continue to milk the cow. After WR drops, please press and hold Y / Triangle to play. Continue to select the same playback method.
Don't litter! It's best to scramble to fire the sacks because imperfections will give you points.
When you use the Jet Touch Pass, you can only use one game of the Wildcat formation. The pass will ensure you two points every time and will not be incomplete or blocked. All you have to do is to guide the runners through the yardage and preliminary rounds. Put your offense on Chew Clock, but be warned: Jet Touch Pass needs at least three seconds to make the runner move, so don't be punished and stop the timing. By default, you will run with the second string HB, so please switch the Wildcat package to "HB Swap" to make the runner your starting HB.
The only person to be wary of is Santa Claus: a guy of a typical body. Others are so small that they really cannot influence the catch, so even if someone is not technically open, they can still use it.

On Defense
No matter what happens, only one game is used: guts. This is under the goal line formation. This is a heavy pressure assault, and even if it doesn't seem to work, there is no sound: it might work.
When you are depressed: They will have 98% of the time to control the ball. Courage does not always prevent outside running. In this case, it is best to land the opposite HB. Tap B/Circle quickly and continuously, and then push the left stick away from HB to make sure no one catches him.
When you get up: They will throw the ball 99% of the time. Guts ensure that you exert heavy pressure, so QB may never be completed, and you may eventually be fired. Every situation is suitable for you, mostly incomplete cases because you will lose points.
If the QB fails, proceed with the recovery, but do not return it for grounding. By getting completions and touchdowns, you may get an extra 2-6 points. It goes against instinct, but I suggest you grab the clumsy thing first and then run back towards your end area. The farther you can get, the better. , don't impose a sense of security on yourself.
If you think you need to defend actively, control anyone who is on edge, and has an evident attitude towards QB. It can be your FS or SS.


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