Madden 21 Series 4 Challenges, Missions, Level Rewards, Captain And Master

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The highly anticipated Madden 21 Series 4 update has arrived at Madden Ultimate Team, which has new levels of rewards, master extensions, players, scenarios, challenges and missions! The highest level of MUT has been increased from 70 to 80, and all 3 series of trophies have been converted to 4 series of trophies. In the store you can find 600 brand new Madden coach series with 4 trophies. Check out all the new features of Series 4 in MUT below:


When does Series 4 start in Madden 21?
The answer is January 16th! Starting from Series 4, new LTD cards, new team builder sets and new trophies are available for players to use. Redux series means that you can purchase selected players from the previous series for a limited time. The new team builder means that every NFL roster has a new player with a total player score of 91. Finally, Series 4 trophies and points will replace Series 3 trophies and points. In the event that Series 3 rewards are still available, players are advised to take some time. Otherwise, these points will be transferred to the series of 4 points.


Madden 21 Series 4 Challenges, Missions, Level Rewards, Captain And Master

Level reward
The following rewards are unlocked at each MUT level:
Level 71 exclusive store discounts. Contains 1 86+ OVR Series 3 Redux Player.
Level 72: Gamechanger Pack
73-93-94 level pass and main token
Level 74-40K MUT Coins
Level 75 unlocked challenge
Level 76-Specialty store discounts. Contains 1 86+ OVR Series 3 Redux Player. Cost = 2,200 points. The limit is 1.
Level 77 unlock challenge
Level 78: Gamechanger Pack
Level 79- 40K coins
80-95 level OVR power supply passed

Captain and Master
The captain can now reach 96 OVRs (Williams, Glover, McCaffrey and George). In Series 4, you can use up to 3 new Captain Tokens. You can earn Captain Tokens by completing the following goals or buying them in the store for 15K coins each:
-Complete all 16 team builder challenges
-Win 75 challenges or H2H games
-Buy 4 series trophies from the store

MUT 21 master Andre Johnson can now reach 95 OVR. The level of the main upgrade token is MUT 75 and 77.
MUT Master Sam Mills can now reach 97 OVR. Complete the following two activities to get +1 OVR MUT main collection, and complete all 4 activities to get an additional 125,000 coins. Once the series is over, it will be reduced to 30K coins.
-Win 25 games with the 88+ OVR team
-Win 60 games with the 88+ OVR team
-Record 35 goals conceded by Sam Mills
-Record 50 losses with Sam Mills

MUT today offers the following new solo challenges:
Level challenge
Level 75-7 challenges, 3.5K coins, 1x level master collection
Level 77-7 challenges, 3.5K coins, 1x level master collectibles

Team Builder: Series 4
Complete the following 16 challenges to win the choice of 91 new OVR Team Builder players today.
TB: Series 4-16 challenges, 11.2K coins, possibly 80 stars

After obtaining the maximum number of stars in the Team Affinity Series 1-3 challenges, you can use the following new milestone rewards:
672 stars: Gold team fantasy pack and 2K coins
Star 688: Gold Fantasy Set
704 stars: Ultimate Gold Team Fantasy Pack and 2x Gold Team Fantasy Pack
720 stars: 10K coins
Star 736: Golden team fantasy combination and 5K coins

There are some new series 4 multiplayer missions that can reward series 4 trophies for winning online games. Completing the complete list will reward you with an additional 100K coins. The following is a breakdown of the rewards for each level:
Win 1 online game: 4 trophies in 10 series
Win 5 online games: 30 battles with 4 trophies
Win 10 online games: 30 series 4 trophies
Win 15 online games: 30 series 4 trophies
Win 20 online games: 30 series 4 trophies
Win 30 online games: 4 trophies for 60 series
Win 40 online games: 4 trophies in the 60 series
Win 50 online games: 4 trophies in the 60 series
Win 75 online games: 120 series 4 trophies
Win 100 online games: 120 series 4 trophies
Win 125 online games: 120 series with 4 trophies
Win 150 online games: 120 series 4 trophies
Win 200 online games: 120 series 4 seats

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