How to Not Get Banned Buying Madden 20 Coins?

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How to not get banned buying Madden 20 coins from one of the suppliers. Now the hard truth is that there is always a risk of getting banned while buying coins. But EA statement players can earn MUT Coins by playing MUT and buying and selling cards in the Auction House.


So how not to get banned?

Don't buy coins on a new account. Play at least 50 games before buying Madden coins!


So how does this work?

Sell players that are used quite often in Madden Ultimate Team for a little over the normal price. The suppliers will cover the cost of the card as they will resell it instantly and you are left over with the profit. This can only be done manually through the “player auction” method.



The player auction method on the website is the safest between all our coin suppliers, but also it's in general slower and it cost more, but well, if you don't want to worry about getting banned, simply use the player auction method provided by! has sold MUT coins for more than 5 years and has provided services to 100,000+ players. The source of the goods is legal, the player's account is secure, and the player's information is not leaked. Buying Madden 20 coins from is 100% safe in the past 5 years, and 0 got banned.

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