Complete Madden NFL 23 Defense Guide

Game: Madden 23
Time: 2023-03-16 23:41:01
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Complete Madden NFL 23 Defense Guide

How to get better at defense quickly was a secret in Madden NFL 23, and 99% of players are unaware of the best defensive scheme, such as How to intercept the rushes? How should players defend properly? How to break up skill-based passing? This article has the answer.

Match the Formation with the Opposition

When your opponent picks a play, it tells you their personnel. It will show how many HBs, TEs and WRs. You need to pick a defense to match this. Generally, if there are 3 or more WRs, select a Nickel, Dime or Dollar defense. If there are 2 WRs or less, then select a 3-4, 4-3, 4-4, etc.

Adjust the Defensive Line in Advance

The defensive line controls the line of scrimmage in football, with a well-organized line being able to easily break past the offensive line and get to the quarterback or stuff the running back in the backfield. This can be done by moving your defensive line around, which is pretty simple to pull off. Press left on the D-pad to adjust the defense line when on the scrimmage line. If the opponent seems to be planning for the corners, move the D-line to the right or left. If a scramble is more likely, pinch them down. And if a deep pass is coming, spread them up.

Use Coverage Adjustment to Shade

In the game, you'll want to ensure that your match coverage is on the baseline, though you can also disguise your coverage if you choose. Press Y to adjust coverage. Shade the defenders by giving them press assignments or base alignment. Or, for a tricky defensive play, ask them to give the receiver cushion.

Assign Players and Define Their Zone

Players can be assigned to specific roles or positions on the field. This includes offensive and defensive positions, as well as special teams positions. While having the marker on a specific player, press A or X to adjust their assignments and zone. Set them as the QB Spy to prevent possible rushes, or assign them to hard flats to stop short passes.

Choose A Coverage Style

Cover 2 and Cover 3 are the most popular coverage styles in Madden NFL 23. They keep the play in the front and press the opponent near the passing packet. But there are other options, such as putting pressure on the opponent, using the Man Blitz style, or having a beginner-friendly, unbreakable defensive line; choose Cover 4.

That is all you need to know about the ultimate guide to playing defense in Madden NFL 23. Mastering these will help you avoid more turnovers in future games'