Are you banned from buying Madden 21 coins?

Game: Madden 21
Time: 2020-12-28 13:49:41
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Players want to know if they can be disabled after purchasing Madden 21. This has become the story of most people today. Sometimes it is unfair to suffer from EA's anger. What makes this process illegal and therefore prohibited? Unfortunately, your game account is disqualified. We will discuss the issues that may lead to such restrictions. In addition to this, we will review solutions that apply to everyone. Read on to learn more about buying Madden 21 coins.


Are you banned from buying Madden 21 coins?

Reasons to buy MUT Coins
The free coins in your game account will help you build a strong team. Your new player depends on your currency amount. Therefore, you need to buy coins. This is a heavy and time-consuming task. However, buying them carefully will bring comfort to gamers. You can safely purchase Madden coins from this site.
It is the player's responsibility to purchase coins from legal and reliable sellers. Specific actions may violate the rules and affect the account. There are particular sites where you can buy trusted coins. Make sure you buy from a first-hand seller and not a third party.
Tips to ensure safety when buying Madden 21
This is at a loss when you consider the consequences of your account.

The following are things to ensure safety when buying coins from the seller:

You need to ensure safety. Most coins are sold online. Therefore, online platforms should be safe and reliable. The secret is to buy things from trusted sellers, not random people online. Trusted sellers use tools and resources to ensure buyer protection. Therefore, you can trade without fear.

The legitimate seller should be able to refund. Sometimes you may not be prepared to use the purchased coins.

Legal Coins
Selling fake coins on the Internet is easy. Several sites are illegal. So if you are cautious, it will help. No one wants to spend two hard money to buy useless things.
Guidelines before buying coins. EA prohibits Madden players from buying third-person coins. However, you can prevent the coins from being lost. Before buying coins, please read the following:

How EA implements third-party tokens
According to EA's records, buying a small number of coins regularly will result in a 1-2% chance of being caught. After that, you will receive coins or warnings. Unfortunately, when Madden's game is excellent, chances may rise to 10%. Penalties have become severe and may even lead to account bans. You need to know when to buy coins, not to avoid doubt.
EA third-party coin evidence

There is evidence that EA is used to find third-party tokens:
Obtaining a large number of gold coins in a short time is surprising. For example, you get more than MUT 21 coins in one hour.
Large-scale transactions in a short time, trading many participants in a short period means that prices will change. For example, 200 players with 10,000 coins will sound an alarm.

EA penalty
After purchasing gold coins, EA will send you an email to warn you.
If EA realizes that the player has purchased coins and is warned, it will clear all coins.
After clearing the coins, you can continue to buy third-party coins, and EA will earn cards and coins in the account and ban MUT.

How to avoid doubt
You can reduce the likelihood of suspicion in several ways:
Purchase a small amount or do not purchase during the Madden event to avoid punishment.
After purchasing small coins regularly, please use the self-pickup method to spend coins quickly. This will reduce the chance of clearing coins or raising the flag. Use a self-service system on a mobile device, or use a self-service system on a computer.
If you want to buy a large number of goods (such as 500,000), please consider purchasing a small number of goods (such as 250k within two days) twice.
When your list is safe, you will be 100% secure. Avoid using bronze and silver players.

What to do if the account is banned.
Unfortunately, there is no good news. Prohibition is a permanent matter, and it is not easy to remove the ban. EA provides players with a contact form. You can request a review of banned accounts. You will be able to see the forbidden history. Nevertheless, it is not easy to get a positive response. You can try your luck; maybe it is worth it.
Can you be banned from buying Madden coins?
You can earn Madden coins by playing MUT at auction houses and buying and selling cards, but buying coins from third parties violates EA's rules. However, this does mean that if you purchase Madden coins, your account will be banned.

Can you recommend a reliable and legal Madden coin website?
Finding a reliable Madden 21 coin supplier is crucial. I want to introduce you to our Madden coin sale website. We have been selling mut coins for more than five years.
Our first task is to ensure that the client's account is not subject to EA testing. This is why we have many repeat customers because in general, they are satisfied with our service. They get coins on time and at a favorable price without EA warning.
On Google, you can find a trusted supplier of Madden 21 coins. You can click on each provider's website to view its current prices and comments from users who use their services. This is especially important if you are buying Madden 21 coins for the first time.
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Quicksells, Madden Coins auction is not prohibited.
The Madden 21 Ultimate Team has several other ways to obtain coins. One of them is by selling cards quickly or using auction browsers. Some cards you get will have a quick sale option. These may be for coins or training, but they will always appear at the bottom of the card when you look at the card. Some cards are not for sale.
The auction also helps to increase a lot of coins. As shown below, gamers have listed their player cards in the Madden 21 store's auction area. Some player items can be auctioned for thousands or even millions of coins! Therefore, if your Player cards are good, but you want to add some coins and improve your team in other ways, please consider using these methods.

How to buy Madden 21 coins at EZMUT?
List players, you hardly need in the auction house. This is not untradeable.
You need to define the "Buy Now" price, which is equal to the number of coins you want to buy, plus the "Current Bid," and it is best to approach this price within 24 hours.
Go to our website, select your platform (PS4, Xbox One/S, PC, PS5), let us know the number of coins you want, and click the "Buy Now" button.
Please provide us with the required information, including information about the player you want to auction. Make payment through one of the available methods.
Finally, we transfer the coins to your account.

Final thoughts
You can compare Madden rules with those in institutions. Each school has its own rules, and learners should follow these rules. If the rules are violated, the learner will be punished. Likewise, you cannot go out without the permission of your partner. Similarly, EA has established rules that all players should follow. Follow the regulations carefully, and you will enjoy the benefits provided by EA. According to EA, buying coins from third parties, distributing coins, and promoting coins are against the rules. There is nothing to add, and it clearly states that you will be banned if you violate the instructions.