9 Tips For Madden 23 Franchise Mode

Game: Madden 23
Time: 2023-03-01 22:36:05
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Among the game modes on Madden 23 is the classic franchise. Take control of your favorite NFL team and build them into a Super Bowl contender. However, it seems to add and tweak things every year, so it's important to know what one must do to get the most out of the mode. This article will bring some top tips to help players cater the mode to exactly what they're looking for.

Online and Offline

When setting up your franchise, you must decide whether you want to play online or offline. Playing online means your franchise will have live NFL rosters, ratings, and statistics that reflect reality. Choosing offline will load the 75-man roster set at the beginning of the preseason. Each has its benefits and drawbacks, but for most people, the best option is online.

Know The Strengths Of The Team

Analyzing and studying the roster of the chosen team is very important that can help you know what the team's strengths are, like you can running a pass-heavy offense with a loaded pool of receivers and an offensive line that excels in pass blocking can drastically change the trajectory of a team. A major thing is understanding the depth and knowing when and how to move on from players that are wanting to be overpaid or aging veterans who are quickly declining in quality of play.

Learn How Scouting Works

Everybody knows building a team for long-term success in Madden 23 requires good scouting. Use the draft to bring in young talent that can lead your franchise into the next decade. This requires you to be methodical and strategic throughout the scouting process. Setting up where scouts focus on regionally and deciding which collegiate athletes should be focused on can make or break draft boards. 

Turn Off Practice Injuries

Injuries, both in real life and in Madden, can be super frustrating. This is especially true when an injury occurs to a player that's pivotal to the team's success. Preseason games in the NFL are great for evaluating talent and building experience, but there's no reason to risk injury in Madden at this time in the offseason, so turn off practice injuries to avoid these frustrations.

Spend Coach XP

Franchise mode in Madden 23 lets players spends experience points they earn on certain upgrades to their coaching staff. Far too often, players let these points accumulate at the top of their screen without ever investigating what their point of them is. These points can go a long way in building a team and retaining talent that would otherwise sign elsewhere.

Download Authentic Rookie Class

For those missing NCAA Football and wanting real college prospects, that's a good available option. By heading over to the community files menu, players can download authentic and accurate rookie class files that can be uploaded and imported into franchise mode. This means that the actual rookies that will be selected in the 2023 NFL Draft can be taken in someone's draft of the given year.

Use Updated Accurate Rosters

For those who are going to stick with this game, updating rosters would be one of the most important tasks one would be doing. Making sure rosters are up to date and feature the right players is simple thanks to Madden's community files menu, where players can upload and download rosters that range from being day-to-day accurate and others providing rosters filled with all-time lineups. After all, nothings serve as more of a bummer than spending 15 minutes setting up a franchise only to realize that dozens of players remain on teams they're no longer with. 

Tweak Gameplay Sliders

Madden 23 sliders are the best way to create that life-like NFL action that allows you to tune attributes or the likelihood of events in games. For example, users can shift (usually from 1-100) aspects like quarterback passing ability or the likelihood of a fumble by a ball carrier. Doing this will ultimately allow users to get the most customized and perfected experience they are looking for from their time in Madden 23 franchise mode.

Play As You Like

The beauty of playing franchise mode is that the experience can be tailored to fit what anyone wants out of it. Some people love playing offense but get bored trying to run a defense, and thankfully, the game has options where players can just play one side of the ball. Madden 23 franchise mode is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but it does have options, and it's on the player to explore and play around with the mode and find what makes their time with the mode the most happiness-inducing.

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